Top 10 Best Water Speakers- 2017 Reviews

Water speakers are great not only for decorating the home but also for giving a little more light and excitement to any occasion involving music. Who wouldn’t want to listen to music in style? If you love speakers and have a passion for music you may have already heard of water speakers. These great speakers emit music while the water inside them performs a visual display that is much like dancing.

Unfortunately many small and large water speakers on the market are cheaply made, and there are quite a few for sale as they have become a popular and attractive item. It is important to be cautious, check around, and make sure that you are getting the speakers you want. Many people who buy water speakers then complain about the sound quality, as the primary focus is on the visual effects. These speakers are usually made more for their appearance than the sound.

They can match pretty much any décor and accessories, so all you have to do is put them where your old speakers were—but preferably somewhere in plain view. Why have boring, drab speaker systems when you can have the new and more technologically advanced water speakers? Most of these speakers produce lively, colorful lights. These lights can be seen even better in the dark which is often the setting for music. If you like light displays and enjoy the kind of lighting at clubs and concerts, there is a pretty good chance you will enjoy these speakers.

Their primary purpose is to be aesthetic. Aside from this, however, their wireless systems are capable of supporting tablets and smartphones. According to some people, there are high-quality water speakers which can produce better and louder music than wired speakers. This water speakers review should help you to decide which speaker you want while on the hunt for this great new accessory.

Best Rated Water Speakers 

SoundSOUL New Dancing Water Speakers  (Wi-Fi Portable Wireless Bluetooth)

Soundsoul New Version Music

This hifi fountain speaker features two satellite speakers that are full range. SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers can be used with virtually any 3.5mm live-in audio device, and that includes mp3 players, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. The liquid jets that come in multiple colors dance along with the rhythm of the music, producing a great visual show. It is made specifically to look like spinning water and it is world patented. Eight straight jets dance in the subwoofer while six jets rotate in the satellite. Aside from this SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers also has rich bass, high-precision micro drivers, and two full-range satellite speakers. The subwoofer is long-throw and powerful, it also features a button for treble response and bass. The Subwoofer is powerful The speaker is composed of acryl + abs. The liquid contained in the transparent acrylic tube is not only zero ignition it is also environmental non-toxic. 12 LED indicators and Touch Volume Control makes it easy to change the volume. The Power and Fountain on/off are self-select.

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ART+SOUND AR5000 Big Water Speakers With Bluetooth

Artsound Ar5000 Giant Water-sound System

Water jets reflect red, green, and blue lights in these tall water speakers for a fantastic and beautiful water show. This 2.1 speaker system includes a subwoofer which is Bluetooth-enabled. All you do is connect ART+SOUND AR5000 Giant Water Sound System with a bluetooth device and you are ready to enjoy your favorite music. Bass and volume can be adjusted via the control panel on the Subwoofer in these Bluetooth water speakers. These big water speakers have eight water jets and are 15 ¼” in height.

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Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (Outdoor Special)

Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This outdoor speaker provides a sound that is crisp and clear. The power and volume are enough to fill any medium sized room. With these speakers, you can also enjoy a listening experience that is full ranged, clear, and well-balanced. Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker works great for a range of activities including picnics, pool parties, camping, and other events or outdoor endeavors. The battery life can last a full 25 hours with volume at 70 percent, which is pretty impressive and quite a bit better than the majority of portable wireless speakers. This is mainly thanks to the 4400mah battery which has been built into the speaker. Even if you are going on a trip this Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker should be able to give you the juice you need. Whether you are at the beach or pool you won’t have to worry with this IPX4 Waterproof Speaker. It’s crash and splash-proof so you don’t have worry about a little weather. It can connect with computers, mobile phones, iPads, and iPhones up to around 33 feet. With the AUX cable, you can connect Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker without the use of Bluetooth. The “D” ring allows you to hook it to a lawn chair or backpack.

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SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers (Bluetooth 4.0 And 1800mAh Battery)

Soundsoul Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

Made up of non-toxic material that is also higher quality, this great music speaker is made with great care and consideration. The water is measured and tested to ensure the best display without any leakage or other issues. The sound produced by these amplifier speakers is clear and real regardless of what you connect it to, whether your computer or phone. SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers features surround sound as well as the mixing of colorful LED lights to create a dancing fountain, this creates a relaxing or exciting environment when combined with music. SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers has four buttons and a 3.5 mm connection port that are easy to use. It pairs with a phone or computer in a single minute which is generally faster than other devices.

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SoundSOUL Tall Water Dancing Portable Speakers (4 Colored LED Lights)

Soundsoul Water Dancing-3-5mm

Not only are these speakers lightweight, they also have a very best pleasant texture. SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers are miniature in size and composed of acrylic. The transparent section is polished which makes it easy to catch and it is made of non-toxic components. The amplifier speakers are built in and produce a sound that is clear, bright, and vivid. There are two speakers in the single pair and they can even be suitable as DJ or television speakers. The design is composed of four different colors that are displayed in a LED light. Whenever music is played the fountain will display the lights and the louder the sound, the higher the fountain will reach. If you love music as well as a great visual experience and art, SoundSOUL Water Dancing Speakers will be ideal for you. There is a 3.5 connection port so you can plug in your iPod, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or most Android smartphones and play just about anything.

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E-joy Music Dancing Water Speakers

e-joy Music Dancing Water Speakers

Enjoy beautiful jumping sprays of water lit with incredible LED lighting that come in various colors. These speakers put on a display that is vivid, brilliant, and bright. E-joy Music Dancing Water Speakers make a great gift for someone else or for yourself. The sound is of clear quality and the water and colors pulsate to the beat of the music. As the volume increases so do the height of the fountain, and it will also rise to the beat of the music. This creates a very visually appealing water and light display. They are quite easy to set up and 9 inches in height. These E-joy Music Dancing Water Speakers have a 3.5mm audio jack so they can be connected to any compatible audio device. Use them along with your MP3 or MP4 player, iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Not only can these speakers transform the atmosphere of your home they can also add some flavor to your music experience.

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Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp Speaker (Water Dancing + Bluetooth)

Wireless Speakers Stoga St81

This unique lamp speaker is multi-functional: not only is the Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp Speaker a water speaker with a beautiful and exquisite water light show, it also serves as a lamp. USB and AV cables are included with this speaker. The Bluetooth version is CSR4.0, and it is TF card supported. It can be easily charged from the computer to keep it from dying when you most need it. The Stoga ST81 Novelty Desk Lamp Speaker battery is a 3000mah which lasts for 2-3 hours on one charge and is built-in to the speaker. The LED lamp can last for over 30,000 hours of working time. It also features an adjustable neck. The Hi-Fi stereo speaker 40MM 3W also has a touch screen for easier and more sophisticated operation. Enjoy music, a water show, and light all from this one single device.

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Kocaso Cyclone Water Dancing Globe Speaker


With this special water speaker, you can new a beautiful water cyclone and light show featuring multiple colors all coming in the center of the globe or sphere. This cyclone speaker turns and twists to music in a unique new way through a very real water cyclone. Depending on the pitch, volume, and beat of the music, the Kocaso Cyclone Water Dancing Globe Speaker will change and alter its speed and size. There are three distinct colors, which are red, blue, and green which all alternate throughout the music. The noise is-non-crack and the sound is said to be high quality and even superb for more premium enjoyment. Thanks to the Universal connectivity you are free to connect all bluetooth-enabled devices to the speaker. The Kocaso Cyclone Water Dancing Globe Speaker also includes a 3.5 audio jack which can be used to play music directly, or you can utilize the micro SD card if your device does not have the bluetooth technology.

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BT Water Wireless Dancing Speaker

Bt Water Dancing Speaker

This best rated water speaker features water and lights which dance rhythmically to the pulse and beat of music. The BT Water Dancing Speaker set includes two stereo speakers which produce rich sound and three LED lights in unique and distinct colors. With these outstanding speakers, you can entirely transform the atmosphere and experience in a room to make it a dance room or party scene. The light display and dazzling water provide an enchanting effect. Because the BT Water Dancing Speaker is bluetooth compatible you can connect them with any bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, and much more.

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ATake Colorful Diamond Water Dancing Speaker

New Atake Third Generation Colorful

The third generation water dancing speaker is highly improved and new. It has on/off functions which are self-select and made to conserve energy. In 2013 Diamond was given Computex d&i awards. The LED lights come in six different colors and the water shoots from the base and then the light is reflected and the beautiful colors are produced. This makes for amazing visual effects. The ATake Colorful Diamond Water Dancing Speaker comes with a 3.5mm standard jack allows you to connect it with virtually any music source. There is no battery required, you just plug it into a USB port to charge it up. They are very versatile, portable, and lightweight. The ATake Colorful Diamond Water Dancing Speaker makes it easy to transform any party or just give a little more life and excitement to your music experience. These are great Bluetooth water speakers.

Water speakers are highly affordable as compared to party speakers yet they add another dimension of entertainment to music. Increase the romantic ambiance, give more excitement to the party, or just spice up the room when you are enjoying your favorite songs. The visual benefits of these small and big water speakers are evidenced and obvious. Although some may not have the sound quality that other speakers do, there are good water speakers which still provide great sound in addition to the beautiful visual show of colors. Some may even have a sound quality that excels many other ordinary speakers. To know whether or not the sound quality is up to par all you have to do is check reviews, which generally expose any errors in the products.

In general, the main attraction to these speakers for most people is the music-and-visual effects. This essentially means that, at least for most people, having the top-of-the-line speakers isn’t the most important aspect to consider. This list of top speakers should give you a good variety to select from so you can find the right water speaker for you. We hope that this water speakers review has given you all of the answers to your questions and inspired you to pick the best speaker that suits your needs.

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