6 Best Big Wheel Scooter For Adults

Scooters are mainly popular for children and some teenagers, but adults can take advantage of the benefits of having a scooter too. The only prerequisite is that a scooter be of the right size and weight capacity in order to suit a full grown adult. If these simple requirements are met anyone of nearly any age or size can ride a scooter.

These 6 scooter reviews can help you find the best adult scooter. Aside from being fun, big wheel scooters make transportation much easier and faster. They don’t require as much energy as walking or running yet they can get you places faster. Scooters are great for adults who wish to commute easier or keep up with their kids.

Urban 7XL Deluxe kick Scooter – Kid To Adult Size

Urban 7XL Deluxe

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If you’re looking for a big wheel scooter for adults this is the best place to start. This kick scooter makes a great tool for both children and adults. It is four inches above the ground when standing and its measurements are 5.5” wide and 37” long. The quality is solid rock top. Enjoy a smooth ride every time with ABEC 7 Carbon Bearings.

Performance and durability were both in mind when the pro-riders designed, tested, and made this scooter all that it is. It has foam handles that are extra-thick and ensure top control and comfort. There are many features to love with this great scooter.

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Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter – Fast And Smooth Ride

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter

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The large rear brake and hand brake are both easy to engage. The fact that you have both brakes to count on means twice the safe stopping capabilities and power. The wheels are oversized and hi-speed. These wheels also give superior smoothness and traction over essentially any kind of terrain. The aluminum frame is lightweight which makes transportation and carrying the scooter easier than ever. Aside from this the frame is also low to the ground. This makes it much more stable and very easy to kick.

Whether you are going for a short trip around the town or you are looking for a speedy commute this adult kick scooter is ideal. It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. The folding system is innovative and efficient. There is a simple folding mechanism which gives for easier, faster storage and transportation. The telescope handlebars can be adjusted to whatever ride height is needed for any occasion.

The dual rear brake system can be activated by the hand or foot. This big wheel scooter has both comfort and a smooth ride on its side, which is something many other kick scooters out there don’t have. Take it anyplace you go with the easy folding mechanism. Fuzion products are made to last for a long time and are designed with the best materials. They know it all when it comes to scooters and have great customer service alongside products. Whether business or pleasure this scooter is a great choice.

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Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Extra large Urethane Wheels

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

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For individuals 8 and up, this adult scooter has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. It has a deck and frame that are made out of aluminum and it can provide great performance on the rough pavement as well as bumpy roads. It features a folding design and patented rear fender brake. This brake makes speedy stops possible. Push less but ride more with this scooter.

It has extra-large wheels that are urethane and one of the smoothest rides possible. The aluminum T-tube is extra strong. It also has a very strong deck. The handlebars are adjustable. The scooter is ideal for larger riders. It is easy to carry and fold and it features foam grips for additional comfort. No assembly is required.

The patented folding mechanism makes storage convenient and easy. It has a retractable kickstand which you can get on the blue model.

Razor is focused on coming up with products that are cutting-edge and high quality. They make some outstanding scooters.

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Aeroactive Adults & Teens Scooter with Dual Suspension – 8 Inch Large Wheels

Aeroactive Adults & Teens

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Made to be lightweight and high quality this best scooter is good for teens and adults. It is 13.5 pounds and made with a deck and frame that are solid aluminum. The suspension is dual, front and rear. It has wheels that re 8 inches which is perfect for larger glides. It also ensures that you will have a safer and a smother ride. The folding mechanism is smooth and superior, all to make it easier for transportation and carrying.

The height is adjustable thanks to the T-bar which can be adjusted from 34 inches to 41. It has feel grips that are soft and made out of rubber. In December 2016 this bike was entirely improved and redesigned based off of the feedback provided by users. With this adult scooter you will get places 3 times faster as it is that much faster than walking.

It is ideal for adults as well as teens and was made to be easily carried around the town. It can also function well on surfaces and roads that are uneven or rough thanks to the dual suspension system. It can help teenagers get to school and work faster and help adults to keep up with their children.

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Micro White & Black Adult Scooters

Micro White & Black Adult Scooters

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This adult scooter is suitable for teenagers and up. The weight capacity is 220 pounds and it can be folded down for easier carrying and transportation. This makes it much easier to travel and move around. The wheels are 200mm polyurethane and it has a handlebar which can be adjusted from the deck 26-38 inches. The ride is quiet and smooth and it also features a design which has been deemed head-turning. For commuters, this scooter has become the ultimate scooter.

It has oversized 200 mm wheels which give it some incredible speed, making it even one of the fastest scooters around. This truly is a big wheel scooter. It is also one of the tallest. The design is ergonomic as it has a higher T-bar and a lower deck. This makes it easy for adults to stand comfortably in an upright stance. The steering is made to be precise and also responsive so that you have an easy time when going along with children or maneuvering in crowded streets.

It has a patented two-way kickstand, shock-absorbing hand grips, and a great folding mechanism. All of the components involved in this scooter are made out of high-quality materials. They are all also completely replaceable ensuring that your scooter will last as long as you want and need it. It is foldable, portable, and glides along smoothly. It will get you places about twice as fast as if you were talking.

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Ancheer Adult Kick Scooter – Big Rubber Wheels

Ancheer Adult Kick Scooter

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In just seconds you can fold this scooter up, there is no assembly required. The adult scooter features a -seconds easy folding mechanism. This means you can store it away and transport it fast and easily. The big wheel scooter features a shock-absorbing system on both the front and rear. It has big rubber wheels which are 195mm big and they are high and durable. There is a patented rear fender brake in the form of a foot rear brake that is anti-rust paint. It brings the scooter to a stop that is fast and safe when you use it.

Enjoy breaking that is fast, safe, and reliable with the aluminum reinforced brake pedal that is large. The T handlebars are adjustable. The range is from 1-39 inches, meaning this scooter can work for children, teenagers, and adults alike. The weight limit is 220 pounds. It has a high density aluminum alloy frame that has been reinforced with a deck that is heat-treated aluminum. This ultra lightweight scooter can be taken with you anywhere due to the fantastic features it uses. It has a non-slip surface, 18-inch long deck, and plenty of foot space so that you always have plenty of solid grip on the feet.

It has a non-slip surface, 18-inch long deck, and plenty of foot space so that you always have plenty of solid grip on the feet. The scooter has an amazing foldable design, it’s lightweight, and it has adjustable height. All of these things make it easy for anyone to use.

Things To Consider When Buying a Big Wheels Scooters for Adults

Kick scooters have become extremely popular these days among kids and teens all across the country. They are quite versatile as a means of transportation and they are also quite portable. They don’t really require a whole of maintenance and they come in a number of different styles. As they got more and more popular it appears that adults are starting to get in on the fun and they are wanting to find out what all the hype is about.

Since the standard size kick scooters are much too small for most adults, there had to be modifications to the original designs in order to support the extra height and weight. With that said, we put together a buyer’s guide in order to help you decide on which big wheel scooter is the best for you.

1) Practicality and convenience

When it comes to finding the right big wheel scooter for you there many different things that you really need to consider and convenience has to be one of biggest. Can it be easily carried and stowed away when you need using it and how much does it weigh. With the ability to fold down the handlebar automatically makes it much more convenient, so as long as the model you choose has the option to fold it down, that is a huge plus.

2) Performance

The second most important thing has to be performed and how much effort it takes to get the scooter moving. The wheel bearings will play a huge role in how fast a scooter can go and how little effort it will take. So, generally speaking, if you go with the little bit more expensive models you are likely going to be a bit high-quality materials going on the scooter.

3) Comfort and Quality of the Ride

Comfort is everything and that does matter to many riders. So, this generally means that you want a scooter that is the most comfortable on the knees, feet, and back. So, you want to pick a scooter that has a long enough handlebar so that you are bending as little as possible. You also should pick a scooter with large wheels for a more smoother ride and has a larger deck.

What kinds of features should you look for?

1) Wheel size

The wheel size depends on which of the two different size adult kick scooters that you are looking at. They come in two different categories small or large wheel and each one has a number of different sizes for you to choose from. Small wheel sizes include 100mm, 120mm, 125mm and `145mm. The large size wheels can be found in sizes 180mm, 200mm, and 230mm diameter wheels.

Each of the two categories has a number of advantages and disadvantages of the different sizes of wheels. The majority of benefits are found in the larger tires especially for those who are unusually tall. The smaller wheels, however, do offer a slightly lower weight and are easier to maneuver.

2) Deck size

The size of the deck or main body of the scooter generally come in two different sizes; large or small. The wider the deck, the easier the scooter is to get off and on when riding it. Also, the larger the wheels you choose will determine how much wider the deck width will be. There are definite advantages to having a wider deck such as; it is easier to shift your weight and it makes changing your position of your feet much easier. Also, the wider the deck, the longer the wheelbase and that equates to better stability while you ride.

3) Deck height

The deck height is an often overlooked aspect of the kick scooter, but in fact, it is extremely important. The lower the scooter is to the ground the much more comfortable it is for the rider. With a lower center of gravity, the ride is much smoother and it is also better on the knees. With this in mind, many scooter manufacturers made serious design changes to take advantage of this and created a deep drop deck, this really lowered the height of the deck. However, there is a big takeaway with this action and that was it reduced the amount of ground clearance when it comes obstructions ie; rocks and other foreign objects in your path.

4) Folding Mechanism

Many of today’s adult scooters come with a built-in folding mechanism that allows the handlebar to be folded down and perpendicular to the deck. This makes it easy to it stowaway when not in use. The typical folding mechanism involves some type of quick-release system located at the base and its exact design is based solely on the manufacturer. However, there are a couple exceptions to this in that if you are looking at an off-road model or freestyle (stunt or trick) scooters, they don’t have any folding option.

5) Suspension

The suspension or use of springs in the front, rear or even both ends was used in past as a way to dampen the bumpiness of the road. However, recently as of a couple years ago here in the US, most manufacturers opted to remove them. This was mostly to reduce the weight of the scooter, they determined that there wasn’t really any significant advantage to having them. However, many international scooter makers still over some type of suspension in their designs.

6) Bicycle-style handbrakes

While most adult kick scooters are stopped by stepping on the fender that covers over the rear wheel and slowly stops the scooter using friction. However, there are some scooters that can be fitted with a familiar front brake and features a handlebar mounted brake lever. This gives the rider a much more quick-response stopping ability, but it does also add a bit of weight to the scooter. You also have the disadvantage of having the brake line hanging out and it can get tangled up in storage.

There are a number of different things for you to consider when it comes to purchasing an adult scooter and we hope that we have given you enough information so that you can make an informed decision.

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