Top 10 Best Recliners for Big and Tall Men – 2017 Reviews

Some guys have all the luck. Others are big and tall, and whether you’re obese or just weigh more due to height, there are some pieces of furniture that just can’t give you the support you need. Every man should have a recliner to relax in, and that goes for big and tall men.

Big Recliner

Our Top 2 Picks For The Best Recliners

Product Name SupportDimensions  
Stallion Comfort Wallsaver Recliner up to 500 lbs40 x 44 x 48 inches See At Amazon
Lane Stallion Reclinerup to 500 lbs and up to 6ft 8in 21 x 25 x 48 inches See At Amazon

If you’re looking for the best heavy duty recliners for big men or tall men, we’ve got the best models for 2017 right here. We’ve zeroed in on things like ease of use, weight limits, as well as other handy features to make finding your best recliner for big or tall easier than ever.

Stallion Comfort Wallsaver Recliner

Stallion Comfort King Chaise Recliner

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This Stallion Comfort King Chaise Heavy Duty Recliner is specially designed for big men. It offers the maximum comfort as a chair that provides a full-body recline. The cushions for the seat and back are attached which will prevent slippage in time. Reinforced high-tension coils make this chair durable. It’s designed to hold over 350 lbs and can even support up to 500 lbs.

In full-recline, this recliner for oversized men reaches the length of a king-size mattress, making it easy for even the tallest men. The back of the recliner is 48” tall, making it one of the tallest recliners in production for 2017. Hardwood frames are constructed with mortise and tenon, enabling it to support big men. It is proudly made in the USA.

It’s stylish, comfortable, and heavily padded. It’s strong, well-built, made in America, and isn’t prone to wearing out quickly. That makes this recliner for tall men a fantastic choice. There may be some difficulties with reaching the lever to extend the chair but for those that find that problematic, they can add an extender.

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Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG Rocker Recliner

Flash Furniture MEN DA3439 Big Recyliner

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Flash Furniture’s plush rocker recliner is covered with LeatherSoft upholstery, giving it an attractive appearance that is easy to wipe clean. This recliner is overstuffed with padding to provide comfortable reclining. In addition to a recliner, it is also a rocker, however, it does not rock when fully reclined. It provides a 39” seat back to accommodate tall men.

Designed for intense relaxation, this recliner is ideal not just for men that want to unwind, but it’s also for women that desire a comfortable rocker in the baby’s nursery. Even without a baby in the house, the rocking motion provides a soothing place to sit.

It does have a high seat back, making it a good option for tall men, this recliner may not be suitable for big men. The manufacturer makes no mention of how much weight this chair can endure. Therefore, if you are more big than tall, this chair might not be the best option for you.

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Lane Stallion Comfort King – Heavy Duty Recliner

Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner

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Lane Stallion’s Comfort King Recliner is made with big and tall men in mind. This heavy duty recliner for big and tall men features an extra tall seat back ideal for men up to 6 ft. 8 in. It can also contain people that weigh up to 500 lbs.

When it is fully reclined, it is as long as a king-size mattress. Designed with complete comfort for the big people, this recliner features easy reclining and comfortable, durable padding. It also has a thoughtful WallSaver® design, allowing the chair to move forward when shifted into recline so you enjoy more floor space surrounding the recliner.

Tall men described the chair as being long enough to keep their feet from dangling off the end. It ships in two pieces and easy to assemble. Because it hits such high notes with customers and offers the features big and tall men desire in a recliner, this is an excellent choice.

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Flash Furniture AM-9930-8550-GG Big and Tall Recliner

Flash Furniture AM 9930 8550 GG Big and Tall Capacity Recliner

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Flash Furniture created this comfortable recliner for oversized men. With a capacity to hold 350 lbs., it was made for big and tall body types. It reclines for ultimate relaxation with comfortable plush upholstery and a plush pillow back. The lever allows you to recline in multiple positions to find your ideal level of comfort. It also provides good neck and lumbar support.

While it might be fashioned for big and tall men, it does not seem to hold much weight. Other models are capable of holding up to 500 lbs. and this one can hold up to 350 lbs. If you are heavier than 350 lbs., this would be a poor choice for a recliner.

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Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner

Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner

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Serta’s Memory Foam Massage Recliner has all the bells and whistles for a big and tall recliner. It offers three positions where you can sit, sit with the foot rest extended, and the full-recline position. It also comes with the ability to massage, which features multiple settings and includes a timer.

It’s large and very comfortable and can hold a weight limit of 350 lbs. It also includes places to hold remote controls as well as a USB port for charging your devices. Additionally, there is a cup holder, making reaching your beverage a breeze.

It has lots of extras, however it can only hold 350 lbs. Big men may not feel as comfortable in this chair as they would like to.

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Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Swivel Recliner

Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Swivel Recliner

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This reclining glider was created to provide the ultimate in comfort. The seating area is ample and roomy, with plush and pillow-soft padding throughout. It touts an Omega Reclining Mechanism which comes with a limited lifetime warranty that aims to be the smoothest and quietest reclining operation. The seat box is made from 100% steel and claims not to warp or split so that it can hold big and tall men.

With reinforced steel springs that resist bending and wear, this recliner for big and tall men is built to last. It is bolted together within to keep it from falling apart.

This an another best recliner for big men. However, there is no mention of seat back height or how much weight this recliner can endure.

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Lane Stallion 1407-15-79/5215-79 Wallsaver Recliner (red/brown)

Lane Stallion Leather Wallsaver

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The Stallion Comfort King is designed with wallsaver space in mind so that you won’t have to sacrifice room space to host your recliner for big and tall men. It’s very strong and sturdy and has been designed so it can host as much as 500 pounds, thanks to the heavy-duty frame made of steel.

The extra-tall seat back accommodates taller men and allows it to recline to 70 inches. Once in full recline, it is almost as long as a king mattress. The dimensions are 40 x 44 x48 inches, making it an ideal recliner for big and tall men.

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Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner

Ashley Furniture Signature Design-Hogan

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This huge recliner is ideal for one big guy or for two to cuddle up on movie nights. It features thick armrests with pillowtops to bring the maximum comfort, plus you can discreetly pull the tab to slide into a recline. The seat cushions and back are attached and underneath the microfiber upholstery is high-resiliency foam for a cushion that is wrapped with thick poly fiber, providing you with the utmost in comfort.

It’s a hefty 59 x 44 x 41 inches, perfect for comfort and looks completely stylish too. A corner-block frame and metal reinforcements mean this recliner for big men will last and last.

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Imperial: Big Daddy Leather Rocker Recliner

Imperial Big Daddy Recliner

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If you’re a big guy and you love sports, this oversized recliner is for you! Officially licensed by the NCAA, this is the recliner for men to watch their favorite games on game day. The high-quality stain resistant soft leather is durable and easy to clean. It not only reclines, but it rocks too so you can keep moving during those intensive moments during the big game

The back cushions and the arms a plush and comfortably soft. Plus, it comes adorned with an 8” embroidered logo of your favorite team on the headrest. The team name and logo type face is displayed on the footrest. It can hold up to 350 pounds and is 42 x 36 x 46, ideal for even the biggest NCAA fans. It’s made in the USA too so it comes backed with quality you can trust for watching your games, movies, or even reading the sports pages.

Another amazing feature is that the back can be removed so you can pop it in your car and take it tailgating with you when you do score tickets to the big game, leaving you with plenty of room for the grill and all the other tailgating essentials. It’s truly a recliner for big and tall men that has thought of everything for the sports fan!

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Ashley Furniture  – Toletta Oversized Recliner – Chocolate

Ashley Furniture Toletta Oversized Recliner

See At Amazon

The complimentary earth tones of the upholstery of this oversized recliner will work nicely with any interior while keeping you comfortable and supported as you watch TV and movies or even read a book. The contemporary style of this corner-block frame model is reinforced with metal on the seat and footrest to assure you of long-lasting comfort every time you sit. The pull tab makes it easy to get into the reclining position so you’ll enjoy even more comfort.

The back is tight as are the seat cushions for durability, filled with high resilience foam inside that is additionally wrapped up in a thick poly fiber for comfort, support and strength no matter how big the guy sitting on them. Pillowtop arms add even more comfort while you sit or recline in complete and utter style.

Final thoughts

When choosing a recliner for big and tall men in 2017, there are plenty of options. While it’s nice to find a heavy duty recliner that has cup holders and other amenities, if the rest of the recliner falls short in regards to durability, the height of the seat back and the amount of weight it can hold, it’s not a good choice. It will only mean you’ll have to replace your recliner again and again over the years.

For this reason, we think that the Lane Stallion Comfort King Recliner is the best recliner for big and tall men. It’s sturdy, comfortable, long enough for even the tallest men, and has a large capacity for weight up to 500 lbs. The WallSaver® feature is another plus that makes it the perfect recliner for big and tall men.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Recliner For You

Buying furniture is typically a fairly exciting experience, but as most people know it can also be a little overwhelming. A big purchase for the home is an investment that you will probably have and use for years to come, and it will be a large part of your life throughout that time. A recliner is something that will sit in your living room or family room and you will probably use it on a daily basis, which is pretty significant. It is important that a recliner meets your individual needs and also fit in well with your home and your own individual tastes. In order to find the right recliner, there are a few things to think about first, such as the size, durability and comfort, and your budget. These top few subjects will be pivotal to finding a recliner that will keep you happy for years to come without breaking the bank. Finally, there are also different types of recliners which we will go into as well.


There are actually a variety of different sizes when it comes to recliners. Some are actually fairly small, no bigger than an average armchair. Other recliners can be spacious and luxurious and there are yet others which are wide enough to be small love seats that can easily fit two people alongside one another. When it comes to recliners for tall people or a recliner for a big man, obviously a larger one will be much more suitable and comfortable. This is when you would consider getting a more spacious and wide recliner and be sure not to purchase one that has a low back. The easiest way to pick the right size is to go to a furniture store and sit in the chair before you buy it, but paying attention to measurements is the next best thing if you are buying online.

Durability And Comfort

Not all recliners are going to be the same when it comes to durability and comfort, which is the same for most things. The durability of a recliner mainly comes down to how well it was made, the trustworthiness of the manufacturer, and the materials used. Comfort typically comes down to the structure and cushion that a recliner uses as well as the type of fabric or other material, such as leather, which will be coming into regular contact with your skin. You may be able to find out more about durability and comfort by reading reviews about a specific recliner—in general this is a decent way to have a pretty good idea about what you’d be getting.


Obviously budget it one of the first things you have to sort out before you can think about much else. Setting a price range is a smart way to find something that is exactly or very close to what you want without overspending. Recliners can range very significantly in price. You can visit a thrift store or used furniture store to find a recliner for very cheap, under $100 and possibly even in decent condition. Many people would rather not go this route, however, which is understandable. A new recliner can be hundreds of dollars or even thousands depending on the type that you end up getting.

Types OF Recliners

There are quite a few different types of recliners, but we are mainly just going to focus on three: rocker recliners, massage recliners, and wall-hugger recliners. There are benefits to each of these three and they are all pretty unique, although La-Z-Boys and push-back models are also “types” of recliners too, in their own way. You can get a La-Z-Boy rocker or massage recliner. When it comes down to it there are just a lot of choices.

1) Rocker Recliners

Pretty simply, a rocker recliner doubles as both a rocking chair and a recliner. When the foot rest isn’t popped out you can sit in it like an average chair and rock backwards and forwards. Rocking chairs certainly have their advantages and uses, which is one reason that rocker recliners are a relatively popular choice. This kind of recliner is especially great for families with babies or young children as well as people who find the rocking motion helps them fall asleep.

2) Massage Recliners

As you might expect, a massage recliner is basically a nice, luxurious chair that reclines and gives you a massage as your sit. You may have seen these chairs around some malls or in furniture stores—in certain places you can feed the chair quarters and it will give you a set amount of time to enjoy a massage. Of course, if you were to own a massage recliner you wouldn’t have to pay every time you used it. The massage typically works by way of rollers and vibrations which knead and stimulate muscles. More advanced massage recliners, which may cost more, are said to replicate the sensation of human hands and to recreate certain types of massages. Most massage recliners have settings on them and can vary when it comes to the materials and chair structure.

3) Wall-Hugger Recliners

If you happen to live in an apartment, trailer, or small space, then a wall-hugger recliner is probably the best choice. This type of recliner can be positioned with its back right up against a wall and you can still pop out the leg rest and lean back somewhat. Most recliners require that you move them out away from a wall to some degree.

6 Amazing Benefits of Using a Big Recliner Chair

Recliner chairs are a great piece of furniture to invest in. If you’re big or tall, you might find that sitting on a regular sofa, love seat or another type of chair is uncomfortable for many reasons. For tall people, it is difficult to find a comfortable position that supports the body. And for big people, these ordinary pieces of furniture might not be built to withstand your particular heft.

That’s why oversized chairs were invented. They provide a comfortable and supportive place to sit and recline for big and tall people. Here are 6 amazing benefits you’ll reap by using a recliner chair.

1) They’re more comfortable

Big recliner chairs are intensely more comfortable than stuffing yourself onto another chair or sofa that you don’t fit upon. They are uniquely padded to help provide enough cushioning and support. Plus, they don’t just allow you to sit. You can recline with ease in them too, making them a prime choice for any living room or den area.

2) They help improve your circulation

Some guys need to sit more but those longer durations in a chair can have negative impacts on the body. When you sit for too long, blood can pool in your feet thanks to the effects of gravity. This can result in swollen feet and lead to blood clots. With a recliner chair, you can pull the lever and stretch out your legs. Keeping your feet up has wonderful benefits for the body so a recliner chair is just what you need to help keep your blood flowing beautifully!

3) They provide an ultimate enjoyable experience

With a recliner chair, there’s no need to get up and adjust the way you’re seated after a period of time. You can shift the chair into recline and instantly feel more comfortable. You’ll find watching movies in your big recliner is a much better experience with a chair like this!

4) She can use it too

Pregnant wife? Let her have a seat in the big recliner too. The pain she’ll endure in her lower back and abdomen is unbearable at times. She can use the recliner chair to prop up her feet or get a truly comfortable sit when she’s trying to relax in front of the TV or even read up on all those crazy baby books.

5) It relieves stress

Tough day at the office? Or just tense about the world around you? Recliner chairs are ideal for stress relief. As mentioned, they help promote better circulation which in turn helps wash away stress. Stress causes so many ailments in our bodies. Having a place you can sit and truly unwind will be life-changing and help bring about more improvements to your life.

6) You can use it for nap time

Even adults need naps too. A recliner chair is an ideal place to close your eyes and take a little rest. While you shouldn’t aim to sleep there for hours on end, it’s a comfortable and supportive place to lay, where your body no matter how big is supported by the frame and coddled by the soft cushions.

There really are so many benefits to having a recliner in your home. They come in stylish fashions and are upholstered with quality materials so they will always look nice in your home, whether you add it to your master suite or put it in front of the TV. You’ll be glad you have a recliner in your home!

History of the Recliner Chair

The concept of the reclining chair dates back to the Napoleonic times in France, with Napoleon III reportedly owned the very first reclining chair. Several years passed and the wooden reclining chair was discovered and a patent was issued to a pair cousins who were furniture makes by the names of Knabush and Shoemaker. This patent would later lead to the founding of the most widely known maker of recliners in the world, La-Z-Boy. The name La-Z-Boy has become almost synonymous with the recliner chair.

The basic design of the recliner has changed very little over the years, it still functions by lowering the backrest and that causes the front of the chair to rise. There have been a number of innovations that have led to a number of improvement over the original design from 1928, but the basic movement has not changed nearly 90 years. The concept of the reclining chair can be found in a number of other applications like an airplane and train seats that allow a person to lean back into an almost supine position.

Reclining Action

One of the things that have changed dramatically since the original design was the invention of the motorized opening mechanism. The first recliners could be fully opened by pushing back on the backrest and the chair opens up. Then a manual lever was added to one side of the chair so that one pull of the lever and back lowers and front raises up. The innovation came when a motor mechanism was introduced and now with the touch of a button back will lower automatically and the front raises up and the footrest extends out.

Wall Hugging Technology

At some point, it was discovered that there was a way to fix the only one real flaw that exists in the original recliner design and that has to do with how far you have to be away from the wall in order for the recliner backrest does not slam into the wall. This is accomplished by using a gliding mechanism that has backrest sliding downward and away from the wall.

Creature Comforts

The real the changes in the recliner chair have come in the comfort level that they provide the person sitting in the chair. It all starts with the fabric that covers the whole chair, whether it is covered in leather (real or faux), microfiber, suede or a number of other synthetic or natural fibers. Then there is the padding that makes up the backrest, seat and footrests have definitely changed over the years as the foam technology has evolved that is used in recliners have made them much more comfortable.

Some manufacturers have even added some extras to their recliners in hopes to make them stand out in this very crowded market. One of those features is a built in massage unit that helps to relax your back and legs. There might also be heating coils in the backrest, footrest, and seat to help with the relaxation. The latest innovation has the manufacturer adding extra lumbar support to the back rest.

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    What is the difference between the Stallion and Lane Stallion. I thought they were two different companies. When I try and find the Stallion it always goes to Lane. Wanted to purchase one in Houston area.

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    walen August 29, 2017 at 3:30 am

    Thanks for your comment Jim!

    Lane Furniture is a company name that has a huge range of recliners like these ones:

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    Stallion Comfort King Chaise Wallsaver Recliner

    Yes, if we will search for Stallion recliner most of the time we will find Lane.

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    Peter September 5, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    I’d been tired of sitting uncomfortably in my old recliner which only worsens my back pain. Checking on the near furniture shops didn’t help much because all they offer is affordability but their products seem to be lacking in comfort and quality. They all seem wonderful but I only have to choose one so I’d think I’ll go with the Flash Furniture AM for now.

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    Ron September 21, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    The best by far for a big man is a La Z Boy Crandall.

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      walen September 22, 2017 at 1:15 am

      Hello, Ron

      Thank you for your recommendation. The reviews of the La Z Boy Crandall are very positive but the price range is a bit high for some people.

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