Top 10 Best Neti Pots – 2017 Reviews

Neti PotsMillions and millions of people all over the world suffer from nasal and sinus congestion. This is made even worse when allergy, cold or flu cause an amazing amount of congestion.

Doctors normally will recommend pills and allergy shots to help relieve these symptoms, however, there is a much better option.

The neti pot uses a saline solution to safely flush out the nasal and sinus passages without any type medicine. After doing all of the research on neti pots online, we put together a great list of all of the best we found and we included Top 10 Neti Pot reviews.

Himalayan Chandra Porcelain Neti Pot

Himalayan Chandra Porcelain

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The Porcelain Neti Pot is made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver the best system possible to help cleanse and soothe the nasal passages naturally. The secret is in the unique of spout and bowl that holds the solution that goes into your nasal passages to clean out the mucus.

The Pot is designed in an exclusive lotus shape with a convenient spout on the end. It makes it easier to insert into your nostril and pour the salt and water (saline) solution in so that it can cleanse the nasal passages. The pot is made of a high quality, lead-free glazed porcelain and it features an exclusive lotus shape to make it much easier to pour the liquid into your nostril.

The Porcelain Neti Pot from Himalayan Chandra is the perfect thing to have around the house during allergy season. It is very easy to use and it is far better than popping allergy pills all the time.

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SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System

SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System

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The Nasal Wash System by SinuCleanse is a high-quality nasal passage cleansing system that is the perfect alternative to allergy pills during cold and flu season as well as for year-round allergy sufferers. It works pouring a measure saline solution through the nasal passages to flush out mucus, dust and other allergens that are hiding in the nasal passages causing irritation and inflammation.

The neti pot is made from a lightweight, sturdy plastic and it is designed to hold a sufficient amount of pre-measured saline (salt and water) solution. It comes with 30 packets containing pharmaceutical-grade salt that you add to warm water you fill the pot with. The spout fits securely into the nostril and your pour the contents into the nostril and it will pour out the opposite nostril into the sink.

The lightweight plastic of the neti pot makes it really comfortable to handle and it pours really easy it to the nose. The salt packets make it more convenient to ensure the solution is correct.

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Ancient Secrets Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot

Ancient Secrets Ceramic

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The Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot from Ancient Secrets is a powerful tool against allergies, colds and flu symptoms. It features a unique design that makes it really easy to use. It is designed to use a safe and simple solution to help flush away a number of allergens, dust, and mucus that often leaves you feeling miserable during flu and allergy seasons.

The pot itself is made from a high-quality ceramic material with a shiny glazed finish. The shape is patented by Ancient Secrets and it includes a long spout that is designed to fit comfortably in the nostril. It holds a pre-measured amount of salt and water solution (saline) and with a simple pouring action the liquid comes out the spout and into the nasal passages and flushes out all of the allergens, mucus, and dust.

The Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing pot is a very useful tool for those who suffer from nasal congestion from allergies and cold or flu. It is extremely easy to use and it really works.

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NeilMed NasaFlo Unbreakable Neti Pot

NeilMed NasaFlo Unbreakable

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NeilMed is one of the most recognizable names in the health product industry for their saline nasal cleansing system. The NasoFlo nasal passage cleansing system is a medication-free way to relieve your congestion nasal passages. It is made from a lightweight, unbreakable material that holds a generous amount of warm water. The exclusive shape makes it really easy to use.

The NasoFlo Neti Pot from NeilMed is powerful, a medication-free way for allergy sufferers to relieve nasal congestion without having to pop pills all day. Instead of spending hours waiting for pills to go to work relieving your nasal and sinus congestion you can take about 5 minutes and cleanse the mucus, allergens, and dust out of your nasal passages. The package includes 50 packets of pre-measured powder that you add to the warm water in the pot. The spout is specially designed to fit into the nostril and the water travels through your nasal passages and cleans and soothes the passages.

NeilMed is one of the most popular makers of neti pots and solution packets in the industry and it really does work.

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Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot – Green Color

Aromatic Salt Premium

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It features a unique salt and water (saline) cleansing system that helps to relieve the nasal and sinus discomfort associated with allergies and colds. It is really easy to use and it is totally medicine-free.

The Aromatic Salt Premium Neti Pot is made from lead-free glazed ceramic and has a tapered spout for a comfortable fit inside of most users nostril. The pot is completely dishwasher safe and lead-free as well. The handle is made solid so that no liquid can get trapped inside and allow the growth of germs.

The unique shape and green exterior color give it an interesting appearance that you wouldn’t mind that is visible. The system works by adding salt to the warm water inside the pot and you pour the liquid into your nose and it flows through your nasal passages and cleans out the mucus, allergens, and dust.

Flushing out your nasal passages with this Neti pot can be extremely easy and it is also totally medicine-free.

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Sattvic Path Hand-made Pot, Dove White

Sattvic Path Ergonomically

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Sattvic Path Neti pot is a handcrafted piece of art that when used properly helps to relieve the symptoms of nasal and sinus congestion. The neti pot cleansing system uses a warm saline solution to clear out the buildup of mucus, allergens, and dust that frequently causes discomfort to those people who suffer from allergies and sinus condition.

The Ergonomically shaped and handcrafted pot is made from glazed ceramic and comes in several different rustic colors. The long spout and built-in handles make it really easy to hold and pour the solution into your nostril. As the liquid passes through your nasal passages it picks up and washes away the mucus that causes the inflammation. The ergonomic shape and rustic colors help to make it very pleasing to the eye.

This neti pot is not only really cool looking, but it is also very efficient at cleaning out your nasal passages.

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HealthAndYoga(TM) Stainless Steel

Health And Yoga (TM) Stainless Steel

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Everything about the Health and Yoga Neti Pot is unique especially the material it is made from and the shape that it is made into. The neti pot is designed to use a warm water and salt (saline) solution to cleanse the nasal and sinus passages. No more need to pop allergy and congestion pills to relieve you of the discomfort during allergy, flu and cold seasons.

There nothing like the stainless steel construction and shape of the conical tip of the spout which makes the HealthandYoga one of the most unique of all neti pots on this list. It is large enough to hold a full 16 ounces of warm saline (salt and water) which means you will be able to fully cleanse your nasal passages without having pause to refill it. The benefit of the neti pot is to relieve the nasal congestion without popping pills.

The unique stainless steel design of the HealthandYoga pot is definitely a great choice for anyone wanting a good neti pot.

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ComfyPot – Natural Pressure, Congestion & Infection Treatment

ComfyPot Beautiful Ceramic

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The unique shape of the pot and the long tapered spout was designed to fit the nostril of most people. It is also lightweight and easy to use and handle.

The ComfyPot is made completely from dishwasher-safe ceramic and comes with an ultra comfortable silicone tip on the spout that helps to create the secure seal around the nostril to ensure that saline solution flows completely throughout the nasal and sinus passages to help relieve the discomfort of nasal congestion. The unique design of the ComfyPot helps to provide an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

The ComfyPot is the medicine-free way to relieve the nasal congestion that is common for those who suffer from allergies.

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Yogi’s NoseBuddy – Neti Pot – Blue Color

Yogi’s NoseBuddy

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The NoseBuddy neti pot is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be able to hold up to many years of usage during allergy and cold seasons. It also has an extra long spout and large capacity and holds enough saline (salt and water) to completely flush out your nasal and sinus passages. The neti pot provides a way relieve the congestion without having to take a bunch of pills.

While it is constructed of sturdy transparent plastic it will still hold up to many, many years of uses. The extra long spout and conical shaped tip help to make it fit securely in your nostril. The pot holds an amazing amount of saline solution inside so that you are able to do a complete flush of your nasal and sinus passages.

The NoseBuddy from Yogi is well worth the money as it one of the best values on the list.
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PeakHealthRx – Best Neti Pot 100% Pure Ceramic

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The unique shape of the bowl and long tapered spout the fits securely into your nostril. The extra tight fit means that the solution will flow better throughout your nasal and sinus passages.

The 100% ceramic pot is totally lead and BPA-free so there is no worry about any being contaminated while using it. The unique shape of the pot has a large filler opening and holds a whole lot of solution. The handle is easy to hold onto and is built in. The neti pot helps to relieve the symptoms of nasal and sinus congestion without having to take allergy pills.

The Best Neti Pot is a ceramic pot with an easy to pour spout that fits most any person’s nostril.

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