Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – 2017 Reviews

These days more and more people are discovering that many of today’s hygiene products are not all the same. This is especially true when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants on the market. With so many options to choose from a person can really afford to be particular about what they use. For anyone who has sensitive skin, you know that it is not easy to find a deodorant for sensitive skin that works for you.

As part of our research for this article, we went online in search of the best deodorants for sensitive skin that we could find. We discovered several different nonirritating deodorants that we found to be quite deserving of being on our top 10 list and they are listed below. We included a brief product review of each of the ones that we identified and hope that you can find one that will work for you.

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Dove Anti Perspirant Deodorant

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This Dove product is made using ingredients that are designed to eliminate the possibility of irritation to the skin. It is quite effective when it comes to reducing the amount of perspiration that is present in the underarm area. The combination of ingredients also works together to reduce or eliminate the possibility of any offensive odor.

The Sensitive Skin formula is made with ethanol and unnecessary fragrances that are often the cause of irritation to the underarm area, especially after shaving. The deodorant is made with moisturizing ingredients that make up ¼ of the stick. All of this helps to provide the user with a level of assurance that they will remain drier and free from offensive odor.

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Sensitive Skin 2.60 oz. is one of the best products on our list from one of most recognizable brands on the market.

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Schmidt’s Naturals Geranium

Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin

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The Geranium Flower Deodorant was created by Schmidt’s Naturals from only natural ingredients and left out the things that frequently cause issues for users with sensitive skin. They added the unique flowery scent of Geraniums in order to appeal to users that are partial to that type of scent.

This all natural formula includes those mineral based materials that absorb wetness and help to neutralize odors. At the same time, they do not use baking soda, aluminum, propylene glycol and other ingredients that have been known to cause skin irritations.  It is made 100% in the USA.

Schmidt’s Naturals Geranium is perfect for those individuals who prefer to use only those products containing all natural ingredients.

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Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Sensitive Skin

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Sensitive Skin

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Dry Spray Antiperspirant, 3.8 Ounce from Dove is designed especially for those with sensitive skin that prefer the spray over solid stick antiperspirants. The dry spray formula was designed to go on dry and eliminate the wet, sticky feeling often associated with roll-on and stick type products.

Dove spray does not include alcohol (ethanol) in the formula as it is frequently identified as the culprit for causing underarm irritation. Dove is known for that fact that their products are made with ¼ moisturizers in order to avoid skin irritation. The Dove Dry Spray is also free of unnecessary fragrances which have also been knowing to cause skin irritation in people.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, would be a really good choice for anyone that has sensitive skin and are looking for an acceptable antiperspirant.

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Schmidt’s Naturals Tea Tree Deodorant Stick

Tea Tree Sensitive Skin Deodorant

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The Tea Tree Deodorant Stick is one of the numerous products that are part of the line of award-winning sensitive skin deodorant sticks from Schmidt’s Naturals. The key to the sensitive skin formula is to eliminate the ingredients that are thought to be the cause of the typical irritation for those who try to use regular deodorants and antiperspirants.

Schmidt’s Naturals Tea Tree deodorant does not include things aluminum, parabens,  phthalates and propylene glycol in this formula as they are frequently suspected of causing skin irritation for those with sensitive skin. The deodorant goes on smoothly and helps to absorb the wetness and prevent the odor and leaves the appealing scent of tea tree oil.

Another great product that is part of the Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant Stick line of deodorant for sensitive skin.

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Almay Sensitive skin Clear Gel

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The Almay Clear Gel is formulated especially for those individuals who often left with acceptable irritation in their underarms after using regular deodorants. This often because of their sensitive skin is reacting to one or more of the typical ingredients used in those regular deodorants on the market.

Almay figured out that if they leave out several ingredients that are thought to be the cause of much of the irritation they can produce a good sensitive skin product. The result is the Clear Gel that goes on dry and helps to fight underarm wetness and odor. They left out preservatives, paraben, lanolin, nickel, and fragrances from the formula.

The Almay Clear Gel, is a really good choice for the person who has sensitive skin and is looking for a good deodorant.

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Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant

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The Best Natural Deodorant is an all natural deodorant that is specially formulated for people who have sensitive skin. Kaiame Naturals created this specially formulated deodorant without many of the typical ingredients that are found in regular deodorant products. Their unique formula includes activated charcoal that has amazing odor absorbing properties.

Kaiame Naturals is quite proud of it’s all natural sensitive skin deodorant and the make it using the just right amount of odor absorbing baking soda. They also do not use other active ingredients that are known to cause skin irritations for people with sensitive skin like paraben, aluminum, phthalates and no GMO’s.

Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant is a really good choice for those people with sensitive skin and that prefer all natural products.

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Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect 48 Hr

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The Sensitive Protect 48 Hr Roll-on is part of the very popular line of products for men with sensitive skin. The formula consists of ingredients that provide the necessary absorption of the perspiration and odor reduction without irritating the skin. They accomplish this by not using the common ingredients found in regular antiperspirants and deodorants.

The Sensitive Protect Antiperspirant & Deodorant is made using vitamin E, chamomile, and witch hazel along with some other active ingredients to produce a safe and effective formula for eliminating perspiration and odor. By not including any of the ingredients that are commonly found in regular deodorants that are suspected to cause irritation, the Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect eliminates the discomfort.

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect 48 Hr. Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorant is a really good choice for any man that usually experienced underarm irritation when using regular deodorant.

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Underarmed Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

Natural Aluminum Free Deodor

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This active botanical luxury deodorant is an all natural product that does not contain ingredients that are known to cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. Instead, Underarmed is made from all natural ingredients including essential oils and other organic ingredients. The formula created helps to provide unparalleled protection from unwanted odor.

The all natural formula includes the essential oils lavender and eucalyptus which help to provide the beneficial scent without having to add fragrances that tend to be the source of frequent irritation. There are active ingredients that help to detox and refresh the skin that tends to show damage from chemicals found in regular type deodorants.

The Underarmed Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick is a high quality, well-tested product that would be perfect for anyone who wants only all natural products.

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Secret Clinical Strength Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Secret Clinical Strength SmoothSee At Amazon

Clinical Strength Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant is a powerfully strong antiperspirant & deodorant for sensitive skin. The Clinical Strength line of antiperspirants and deodorants from Secret are designed to help women who suffer from excessive perspiration. They also include several skin conditioners that help to restore any troubles,

The Clinical Strength deodorant and antiperspirants are formulated to provide up 4x the normal protection from sweat caused by stress. The formula also includes unique odor fighting ingredients that help to absorb the odors all day long. Most chemical type fragrances are thought to be the source of much of the skin irritation and Secret let them out of their formula.

The Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for heavy-duty protection.

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Mitchum Sensitive skin Fragrance-Free Deodorant

Mitchum Sensitive skin Fragrance

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Mitchum is one of the most recognizable brand names of antiperspirant and deodorants. The Fragrance-free deodorant & antiperspirant is designed especially for those people who need the protection, but they are not able to handle the way the regular deodorants irritate their skin.

Mitchum Deodrant is made using a unique formula that does not include ingredients that are commonly thought to be ones that typically cause irritation for many of those people who have extremely sensitive skin. It applies directly to your underarm and goes smoothly and clearly.

Mitchum Deodorant would make a really good choice if you are looking for a new deodorant for your sensitive skin.

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