Top 10 Best Travel Guitars – 2017 Reviews

The guitar is one of the most beloved musical instruments that is enjoyed to be played by millions of people all over the world. The unique sounds and relative ease of playing it are one of the reasons why so many people like it. There are numerous different types of guitars with the acoustical type being the most popular.

Travel Guitar

The travel guitar is one kind of acoustical guitar that gets its name from the fact that it is designed perfectly for being carried on the road. The backpack is one of the most popular ways that the travel guitar is carried and this is because the slim shape of it makes it a perfect fit with a backpack. We did a lot of research in order to get ready for this article and we put together a list of the best backpacker guitar.

Below is our complete list and reviews of the top 10 Best Travel Guitars. We hope that our list helps you in some way decide which might be best for you.

Martin Steel  Backpacker Travel Guitar

Martin Steel String Guitar

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The Martin Backpacker is made from a variety of high-quality materials and craftsmanship from one of the top instrument makers in the business. The unique shape of the backpacker guitar makes it extremely easy to carry on the road or campsite. It has a full-size fretboard so that you can play it like a full-size guitar without losing quality.

The construction of the body is made up of a number of sustainable wood materials like spruce (top and brace), tonewood (back and sides) and select hardwood (neck). The backpacker fretboard features 15 frets and 6 steel strings that deliver an incredible sound. The unique contoured shape gives it the unusual sound as compared to a full-size acoustic guitar. It comes with a protective bag to help keep it from getting damaged in your travels.

The Martin Backpacker Steel-String Travel s a really quality instrument and it would make a great choice for anyone.

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Traveler Guitar Acoustic-Electric

Traveler Guitar Ultra Light

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This Guitar is one of the most unique of all the guitars on our list. This features a single piece construction and is ¾ the length of a traditional acoustic guitar. It is a hybrid electric and acoustic featuring high-quality piezoelectric pickups. The slim body helps to produce a unique sound and conceals a Traveler exclusive feature.

The lightest of all the backpacker guitars and it is constructed from a single piece of maple. The slim body features a one of a kind body tuning system with rollers which makes having a headstock unnecessary. The 28″ length and under three pounds which makes it one of the smallest of all travel guitars on the market.

If you are needing a compact, lightweight travel guitar, you cannot go wrong checking out this model.

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Washburn RO10 Travel Acoustic Guitar – Natural

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String

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The R010 Rover Travel Acoustic from Washburn is made with multiple species of hardwoods in order to create a unique sound. The scale size of the body of the guitar makes much easier to carry it inside a backpack for use on the road. The six steel strings and standard tuning helps it to deliver near perfect sound as compared to a standard guitar. The neck and headstock are full sizes with the 6 tuning pegs and fretboard are both full size.

This is made from a number of different types of wood from mahogany (back and neck), spruce (top) and rosewood (fretboard). It comes with a full-size case with plenty of room for the guitar and accessories if you don’t plan to carry it in a backpack.

The Washburn Rover Travel Acoustic would be perfect for your next camp out or hiking trip.

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Hofner HCTSHBKO Shorty Guitar – Black Finish

Hofner HCTSHBKO Shorty Travel Guitar

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The HCTSHBKO from Hofner is a well put together guitar that is designed to put up with the riggers of a travel guitar. It is made from several different types of wood in order to produce a quality instrument and ensure that it delivers an equally quality sound. The shorty body makes it so that can easily be carried in a backpack.

The Shorty is made from all solid wood materials including; basswood top and back material, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. The body is short in size (it is aptly named), but the neck remained full size. The tuning pegs are also the full size to make it more convenient to tune it.

The Hofner Shorty  is one of more unique and compact electric travel guitars on our list.

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Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany – Natural

Luna Safari Series Travel Guitar

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The Safari series Travel Acoustic from Luna features a traditional shaped body and neck, but it is only three quarter the overall size. It features all hardwood body construction for durability and amazing sound quality. The top of the body is decorated with Celtic design laser etched into the wood around the sound hole.

The body is constructed out of mahogany wood (top, sides, and back) with near standard neck. While it might be smaller in size as compared to a traditional acoustic guitar, it does not affect the quality of sound that comes out of it as it is being played.

The Safari series from Luna is one of the highest rated of all the travel guitars on our list and it can easily be carried inside a backpack.

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Escape Mark III Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Escape Mark With Bag

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The Escape Mark III is a hybrid acoustic and electric type guitar. The body and neck are made from two different species of hardwood which helps to create a unique sound and experience. The tuning pegs are located inside the body using a wraparound string configuration.

The overall half-scale size body and neck makes it really easy to transport it even on an airplane. The body is constructed from alder wood and the bolt-on neck is made from maple. The unique headstock free design means that it is shorter than most travel guitars. The controls for the electric pickups are located on the side for easy access.

The Escape Mark III is a real choice for those people who are wanting both an electric and acoustic guitar.

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Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor

Taylor Guitars Big Baby

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The Big Baby acoustic from Taylor is 15/16-scale of the normal size guitar which makes it much bigger than most of the other travel guitars on our list. However, it does come with a gig bag so that it can be carried to a number of different places easily. It is constructed with a combination of spruce and Sapele wood for sturdiness and great sound creation.

Taylor Guitars is one of the most widely respected manufacturers in the industry. This high-quality travel guitar can be used as a traditional acoustic guitar or taken with you on the road.

The Big Baby from Taylor is a high-quality near-full size guitar that can be used in some travel situations.

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Dean FLY MAH Flight Series, Mahogany

Dean FLY MAH Flight Series

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The Fly MAH Flight series is ¾ -scale guitar that plays it a full-size guitar and delivers a high quality but is compact and can easily carry on an airplane. It is constructed of multiple species of wood which improves the structure of guitar and quality sound that is being produced.

The body of the Fly MAH is made mostly from mahogany which is an exquisite quality wood. The top, bottom, and each side are all made from mahogany which also gives it the unique dark brown color.  The rosewood fretboard and chrome-colored tuning pegs look really good up against that darker mahogany body.

The Dean MAH Flight Series is great little travel guitar that would be a good looking option for anyone.

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Cordoba Mini M

Cordoba Mini M Travel Guitar

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The Mini M Travel Acoustic is the perfect size for carrying on a plane since it will easily fit up inside the overhead bin of an airplane. It can also we carried with you on your next camping trip or just sitting on your couch. It comes in three different wood combinations depending on what colors you like.

The Cordoba Mini M features nylon strings with a lightweight wood construction of the body produces a great sound. The combination of a mahogany back, sides and spruce top which gives it a classic acoustic guitar look. Despite the smaller scale, the unique string setup allows it to play like a full-size guitar.

The Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String is a really good quality travel guitar that would be a good choice.

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Luna Safari Series Peace Travel-Size Guitar

Luna Safari Series Peace Travel Guitar

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The Safari Series Peace Acoustic Guitar is a unique travel guitar constructed of spruce, mahogany, and rosewood along with the laser etched peace sign gives it the unique look. The 3/4 – scale size is perfect for travel as it will fit easily in the overhead bin on an airplane. In can be carried to a number of different locations using the included gig bag. It features 6 steel strings with the tuning pegs located on the headstock for ease of fine tuning the sound.

The lightweight 3.3 pounds makes it really easy to handle and it plays great music.

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