Top 10 Best Nanny Cams – 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Nanny Cam SmallNanny cameras or nanny cams have acquired their name from parents who wish to observe babysitters or nannies taking care of their children. This is great for that added sense of security and control over your own children and many parents find themselves feeling much more at ease. Despite the name nanny cam, however, indoor cameras can be used for much more than just this. They can also help you watch out for pets and your children in general. If you are in one room and the children are in a different room the camera can help you keep a close eye on them. In the case of a home break-in, they may also serve as an invaluable tool. Best Nanny cameras have a variety of different features which can be useful including video recording, remote access, and more. The primary purpose to get an indoor camera is for security, but it can become handy in a variety of situations. After reading countless reviews of nanny cams we have prepared a list of top 10 products.

Video Baby Monitor Camera – Nanny Cam For iPhone And Android

Video Baby Monitor Nanny Cam

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There are many reasons this has been called the best nanny cam. Here is a slightly more inexpensive baby monitor camera which makes direct use of the smart phone. The Video Baby Monitor Camera does not require the hardware that some other nanny cams do, and this is partly why it is so easy and fast to install. This nanny cam doesn’t have to rely on a battery, either, or be continually recharged. All of these reasons make it a simple and easy solution compared to some other choices. There are installation videos which display just how painless the process of installing this camera is. Install an app onto your phone or tablet and from there operate the camera remotely. This is a great way to monitor your child or baby from essentially anywhere in the home, and all from your mobile device. This nanny cam utilizes WiFi and thus makes it very easy to stay connected with family, pets, and children, regardless of where you are. The cable power cord makes sure that you always have power whenever you need it. The camera still has cordless capability which means you can use it out outside on the porch or in the garden. Puretech Electronics brings you the leading baby brand Puretech Baby. They always stick to the highest standards for their products. This nanny cam includes cool features such as night vision, it can hear and comfort your baby, a wide angle lens, and plug and play is quite easy.

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HawkCam Pro Home Security Camera – Wireless Nanny Cam

HawkCam Pro Nanny Cam

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This is a great nanny cam for iPhone. If you want to protect and keep tabs on the pets, kids, and nanny, this security camera will do the job. The HawkCam Pro Wireless Nanny Cam can be put in either the office or the home and you can hear and watch the footage live. A nanny camera is great for home defense and for keeping an eye on anyone or anything in your home. You can have a home security system that is all yours in a matter of minutes. There is no need for complex systems or pricey subscriptions with the HawkCam Pro Nanny Cam. Even when you’re out of the house you can know what’s going on. The wide indoor camera helps you to catch everything. Setup with HawkCam Pro Nanny Cam takes five minutes and there are absolutely no subscription fees involved. Listen to and watch the feed straight from your computer, tablet, or phone. Make sure that your home or office is safe. Having a sense of security that you will get with this camera is priceless. The lifetime warranty for the HawkCam Pro Nanny Camera ensures that your money will be put to good use. This camera uses WiFi, has audio, and it is wide angle and 1080P HD in addition to the lifetime warranty. The super wide angle lets you get a glimpse of the whole room.

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BAVISION Wifi IP Camera – Baby Monitor Video Nanny Cam

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There are many reasons to love this special camera. You can choose either a quick wired installation or WiFi set up that will take a mere minute to set up with the BAVISION Wifi IP Camera. Use your PC, tablet, or smartphone for live video streaming remotely. Access the video feed from anywhere at any time. This nanny cam has 2-way audio in addition to high-quality HD 1289*720 so that you can see with crystal clarity. There is no digital zoom and you can only do video recording to the TF card. The instructions will tell you everything you need to know about setting up the video link. The BAVISION Wifi IP Camera  has pan/tilt to vertical 120 and horizontal 350. No matter where you go you can always know what’s going on inside your own home. Check out who is at the front door on your PC or tablet or watch your sleeping child. Check your smartphone to see if your pet is behaving or making a mess. The BAVISION Wifi IP Camera  can also help you to monitor parents, grandparents, or caregivers. You will never have to miss a moment again.

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Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera Hidden -Baby, Pet Video Nanny Cam

Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera Nanny Cam

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This hidden nanny cam is equipped with motion detection. The Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera has a built-in alarm jack which is for external alarm out and in signal. The moment the camera detects any abnormality or the alarm is triggered it results in an instant alarm as well as pictures which are sent through e-mail. The alarm can link with the smock detector, gas detector, and door detector. You can adjust the motion detection sensibility yourself and it supports auto snapchat and SD card cycled recording. The Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera has two-way audio thanks to a built in microphone and speaker, as well as an audio jack for the speaker and external microphone. This lets you see, hear, and speak all from the same IP camera. Communicate a message to your babysitter, tell intruders the police are coming, or tell your dog to stop tearing up the cushion. Communicate no matter where you are or what time it is with the Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera. Setup is easy due to sonic recognition technology that has One Key Wifi Configuration and this makes the whole process easy and fast. All you have to do is plug it into the power cable. The Nexgadget 720P WiFi Security Camera has night vision as well as a dual IR-CUT filter auto switch and adjustable pan/tilt with a vertical angle of 90 degrees and a horizontal angle of 340 degrees.

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Conbrov WF90 Security Camera Night Vision Nanny Cam

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Connecting the home router and camera is an easy process with this IP wireless remote camera. Once you’re connected you can use the Mini Wifi Cam app, which is free, to record or stream live viewing. The very same app also lets you manually record video or snap shot photos with the Conbrov WF90 Security Camera. Once you have the content you can share the photos and videos to the album on your phone. The Conbrov WF90 Security Camera has a build in broader 155 degree wide angle lens for an even better view than the traditional security camera with pan and tilt. This single camera is all you need in a single space. The Conbrov WF90 Security Camera works well for both night and day video surveillance. With this camera you can record 24/7 due to the adapter which comes with it. Just mount the camera to the wall power socket and enjoy continuous recording. The sensitive IR-cut and night visual range that extends up to 24 feet make it possible to see clearly in the night, it will also change itself automatically to night mode. The Conbrov WF90 Security Camera has micro SD card support as well as loop recording defaulted. The camera even has motion detection function which the user can choose to set the camera to. This setting means that if there is any motion detected by the camera detection area it will send push notifications and email alerts. The Conbrov WF90 Security Camera even has two way talk so that you can communicate with pets or family with ultra clear two way audio.

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Downee Wi-Fi Hidden Camera – Surveillance Camera Nanny Cam Black

downee Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Adapter NannyCam

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Want the best nanny cam 2017? There are many events which may happen in the home in a fashion that is unpredictable—from the first word a baby says to burglary or the behavior of your pet. There isn’t a lot you can do to catch these random moments which may take place, good or bad, that you would want to see. The good news is with downee you’ll never have to miss out again with the downee Wi-Fi Hidden Camera. Common household items become the home for cameras from downee, meaning that you have eyes and ears in more places at all times. Put these items anywhere, from your office or study room to your living room. Having a hidden camera will give you the peace of mind you aren’t accustomed to having. Your children, parents, pets, and property will always have eyes on them even when you aren’t around so you’ll never have to worry about anything with the downee nanny cam. These hidden cameras are hidden in objects so common that no one will think twice about it. This hidden camera adapter from downee multi-purposes and equipped with a variety of features. Under network environment you can connect the camera with a smartphone app to keep tabs on things. Multiple resolutions are available, the highest being 1080P. The video has both color and audio.  Alerts will be sent to you thanks to the motion detection mode in case your eyes aren’t on the screen. Loop recording deletes old files when the memory fills up. The downee nanny cam is simple to set up and covert. An LED light helps you when its dark.

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YYCAM Mini Hidden Spy Clock Nanny Cam

YYCAM Mini Hidden Camera Spy

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With an LCD display, alarm clock, audio recording, photo capture, and motion activated video recording, this mini hidden camera is packed with all of the features you could need in a nanny cam. The YYCAM nanny cam can support motion detection standby up to 12 hours which essentially means you won’t have to waste any recording memory. The YYCAM nanny cam has an appealing look and it is very functional. The user manual is practical, simple, and makes the hidden camera easy to use overall. When the camera is in use you can charge it with the adapter, and on one charge it can record for 5-6 hours. The YYCAM nanny cam has an audible time alert, LCD backlit display, and HD video resolution. It functions as an alarm clock and keeps the accurate time. Put it in your office, shop, or home as a surveillance device to keep tabs on what’s happening. The YYCAM nanny cam is easy to us and operate as well as affordable. This hidden camera doubles as an alarm clock HD video DVR and it has motion detection. The YYCAM nanny cam offers an ideal solution to portable security and it can function as a nanny cam, home security, or essentially any other type of surveillance which you need temporarily. The YYCAM nanny cam is capable of capturing HD videos thanks to the high-quality lens. When motion is detected it will automatically start recording video. In order to view the files all you have to do is connect it with your computer. Operation is easy and it can be charged with the USB cable.

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Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Spy Clock HD

Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Spy Clock

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If you are looking for the best nanny cam for elder care or for your child or baby, this camera is a great choice. No matter where you are or what the time is, you can use your smartphone to check in and see what is going on with the Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera. The app which enables you to do this supports Android and iOS devices. The camera can support WiFi connection as well as real-time video remote view. The app is user-friendly and lets you view live video regardless of where you are.  The user-friendly design and practical user manual make it simple and easy to set up and use. The Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera even has an alarm that is triggered by motion detection. The moment the alarm is triggered you will be notified via push notifications which are sent through the Eye club App. When the alarm goes off it will also snapshoot and then store pictures right in the app so that you can see them. You have the option of also setting the camera to record video straight to the Micro SD card whenever it detects movements. You can use the power adapter to charge it easily and operation is also easy with the Eyeclub Wi-Fi Hidden Camera. The app itself and buttons are user-friendly and the manual is practical. If your Wifi quality isn’t good enough you can click on “definition” in the App which allows you to adjust the resolution to 490p, 640p, 720p, or 1080p.

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Toguard Full HD Hidden Spy Camera

TOGUARD Full HD 1080P Detachable Spy Cam

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The hidden nanny cam has full HD 1080p and four different plugs including AUS, EU, UK, and US so that you can use it in a variety of countries. Located at the bottom of the adapter is a functional USB port. This allows you to charge your mac, tablet, phone, or other device. Not only can you shoot pictures and even full HD videos, you can also charge your other devices with the TOGUARD Full HD Hidden Spy Camera. The app lets you adjust the image left to right or up to down. The Toguard nanny cam has a motion detection feature so that when something is caught moving on the camera photos are taken automatically. The TOGUARD Full HD Hidden nanny cam supports the loop recording function as well. The TOGUARD nanny cam has a unique design featuring a 15 degree upward viewing angle. This means that the camera is capable of viewing a more complete scene altogether. In the first mode you can search for the Wifi and subsequently connect to it. Video and photo can be seen within 10 meters with the TOGUARD Full HD Hidden nanny cam. The second mode lets you view the real time video no matter where you are from your smartphone. The first mode allows as many as 8 users to connect simultaneously. The app can be installed in the CD which lets you  view the video on the computer, and it can also be controlled through the app called iMiniCam.

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Video baby monitor – Wifi Nanny Camera

Video baby monitor Nanny camera

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Regardless of where you are you can stay in touch. It’s only natural to be a little concerned about leaving your baby or child in care of someone you don’t really know, which is one of the main reasons so many parents choose to buy a baby monitor. With the use of your PC, tablet, android, or other device you can keep an eye on your home or child wherever and whenever. This can eliminate much of the stress and worry that comes from being a parent. This Video baby monitor  doesn’t matter where you are, be it the gym, shopping, work, or elsewhere—you can watch, listen, and even talk to your baby or pet with this camera. This Video baby monitor  comes with many worthwhile features including 750P high resolution lens. Enjoy video recordings and images that are crystal clear any time of the day or night. It has eleven infrared sensors which is how it is able to record even in a room that is entirely dark. There is alarm push motion detection which will alert your smarpthone if there is any movement. This Video baby monitor  can also pan and title to view the whole room. This Video baby monitor  is very easy to connect and use all you have to do is download the app, make sure Wifi is on and camera has power, use “smarlink” on the app, then it is ready to use. It has perfect audio quality and two-way audio, supports dual system and mobile view, view by browser, and alarm video push technology.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Best Nanny Cam

There are many good reasons to get a camera for your home. You could get it just so that you don’t miss those great moments like your baby’s first words or steps. You may get it to watch out for your pet or elderly parents. A camera can also, of course, be good in the case of burglaries. The reasons to get a security camera are abundant and important. Finding a good home security camera may seem a little daunting at first, especially if you aren’t entirely sure how exactly they work. They are certainly good to have and a wise investment for anyone for many reasons, but actually choosing one can be challenging. What aspects are the most important? What should you be looking for? You aren’t the only one who has asked these very questions and that’s why we have put together some things for you to consider before making that final choice.

1) Video Quality

Nanny cams can vary quite significantly when it comes to video quality. You may think that most nanny cameras are basically the same in this regard, but some give you many more pixels or high definition. The number of pixels can help you to see certain details that could in the end prove to be important. This is why you should look at video quality to make sure you know just what you’re getting. Although the clarity of the picture may not be too important to you it is good to at least understand this aspect. Perhaps you just want to see generally what is going on in the room where the camera sits—that is your choice, but at least now that video quality can be quite drastically different.

2) Wireless

When it comes to deciding whether to get a device with or without wires, the answer is generally the same—wireless is usually considered the best option for nanny cams. Generally wires complicate matters and they also tend to take more installation and setup. This is why wireless nanny cams are usually the much better choice. There is no doubt that wireless devices are much more modern and more popular, and the reasons are evident. Wireless electronics eliminates the clutter while also keeping things quite a bit more simple and easy to install or setup. Many nanny cams these days are in fact wireless—after all, most nanny cams are hidden anyway and thus generally must be wireless. Still, not all home security cameras are.

3) iPhone/Smartphone Compatible

Although not all nanny cams are compatible with your smartphone, many are. This is an important feature to look for because it essentially means that you will be able to check in on the camera no matter where you are or what time it is. This great feature lets you take advantage of an app which logs into the system and has a live feed of the camera. You could be at work, running errands, or even in the other room, all you have to do is look at your phone to see how your child is doing. This gives you complete control and access to see your home anytime. Usually the app is free and many nanny cams these days are already smartphone compatible, so just double check before buying.

4) Power Source – Battery or AC?

This is another fairly important thing to think about before making the decision to buy a particular camera. The power source you pick depends ultimately on the kind of camera you want and what you will be using it for. Some surveillance cameras have both options, and these can come in very useful. If you want the camera to be basically stationary in one location then you may want it to use AC. This is particularly true if you want continuous and dependable security, compared to battery-powered cameras which need to have the batteries recharged or replaced when you aren’t using the camera. If you want the camera to be more portable, relatively hidden, and/or you want to use it on specific occasions, battery should be acceptable or preferable.

5) SD Card

Some nanny cams give you the option of using an SD card. This is another important thing to think about because the question “how will the content be stored?” should likely be addressed. An SD card can give you greater space so you don’t have to worry so much about content being deleted before you have had the chance to review it or save it. An SD card may prove to be invaluable, and at the very least you should make sure that you understand what happens to the content after it is recorded—some cameras only have a live feed and don’t save anything. This will all depend on the individual camera that you choose to get.

Hidden Nanny Cams VS Exposed Nanny Cameras

There is one final point to consider before choosing a nanny cam. Essentially all nanny-cams or home security cameras will either be exposed or hidden. Generally an exposed camera will be at least slightly visible, out in the open, and plainly a camera. A hidden nanny cam will likely be disguised as something else, like a stuffed animal, an alarm clock, or any variety of other common household objects. Most people would never suspect a hidden nanny cam as being any type of surveillance, whereas people may generally notice an exposed camera.

Which one you want depends mainly on personal preference. The potentially good thing about exposed cameras is the fact that it could potentially prevent people from acting out of hand. Knowing that you’re being watched puts you on better behavior. You may have noticed that in some stores there are surveillance camera warning signs to prevent shoplifting. Generally, at a restaurant or bar, the cameras are clearly pointed at the cash register. You may also not particularly want your camera for anything other than keeping tabs on kids or elderly parents.

On the other hand of things, however, a hidden camera can also have advantages. This may be especially true in the situation of trying to catch a spouse being unfaithful or some other covert act of disloyalty. Hidden cameras ironically help to expose unscrupulous individuals, and this could be the objective in certain situations. Seeing how someone acts when they think they’re alone can say much about their character. The choice is ultimately yours depending on the objectives you are trying to accomplish.


Nanny cameras are often used to keep an eye on caregivers who are either watching children or possibly watching elderly parents. Nanny-cams are commonly referred to in ordinary speech, although another more accurate term for them would be home security cameras—this is mainly because nanny cams can be used for more than just nannies. Nanny cams can help to keep the home secure by revealing the identity of home-intruders or thieves. They can also help you to stay in touch with your pets rather than children. Ultimately there are many good reasons to have the best nanny cam.

The best reason to get a home security camera is just the sense of security you will have. It gives many home-owners a sense of safety and peace of mind. You won’t have to worry nearly as much when you have a camera there standing guard over your home and loved ones, keeping an eye on things when you aren’t around. They can act as an extension of your own eyes and ears. Aside from all of these great reasons, once the decision is made, you just have to decide between the number of options available on the market. Many of these cameras are unique and offer different features, capabilities, and advantages. Some are hidden and others are exposed. You’ll have to weigh what you know and then it will be much easier for you to pick the best nanny cam. We have composed this list of nanny cam reviews to give you a place to start.


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