Top 9 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks – 2017 Reviews

A motorcycle chock is, at its simplest, a mount for wheels. Chocks allow motorcycles to be propped upright during maintenance or repairs—as well as during transport.

Why You Need The Best Motorcycle Chock?

Motorcycle wheel chocks vary in quality, and some can prove much sturdier and more reliable than others, depending on the metals used and the quality of construction. For this reason, it’s critical that drivers ensure that they are purchasing the best motorcycle wheel chock available to them—in the interest of ensuring that their bike is well protected.

One way to verify the quality of a product is to read through wheel chock reviews, such as the ones outlined below, which cover the 10 best motorcycle wheel chocks available. Reviews allow consumers to compare and contrast various chocks, and understand how certain products fare in the face of competition. This is critical, as it allows motorcycle owners to make an informed decision prior to committing to a wheel chock.

Condor PS-1500 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop

Condor PS 1500

Condor’s fully adjustable wheel chock is a great option for those looking for versatility. The chock can be adjusted for both front and back wheels and can be scaled for wheels ranging between 15 and 22 inches in size. Condor has developed a patented locking system, which gives motorcycle owners peace of mind, as it ensures that their bike remains upright (when on a flat surface.) This is an excellent wheel chock for trailers, as it features a trailer adapter kit, which can be mounted and dismounted as needed.

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Condor SC-2000 Trailer Only

Condor Sc 2000 Chock

The Condor SC-2000 is one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks available to consumers. It’s both fully adjustable, and able to accommodate front and rear wheels. As a trailer only wheel chock—it can easily and quickly be mounted and dismounted from transport platforms. This chock can also be used on custom built trailers, making this one a favorite amongst motorcycle wheel chock reviews.

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Venom Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Venom Universal Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This Venom Universal product is one of the top-rated wheel chocks available. It features a universal fit, meaning that it can be used on a variety of different bike models and brands regardless of any differences in construction. It can accommodate wheels ranging between 17 and 21 inches in size (specifically, in diameter), and is made from high-grade steel, making it a very durable and reliable option worthy of consideration.

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MJ Moto Gear Self-Locking

Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This  chock by MJ Moto Gear is, in terms of motorcycle wheel chock reviews, a competitive option. The wheel chock is self-locking, and will securely hold motorcycles upright on platforms or on trailers. It features an easy mount that can be assembled by one person alone, making it a convenient option for those who ride independently or who need to mount motorcycles quickly. This is a less expensive motorcycle wheel chock, but a high-quality one nonetheless.

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Condor PSTK-6400 Adapter Kit

Condor Pstk 6400

This motorcycle wheel chock adapter kit is a very versatile option, as it can be used to secure dirt bikes; sports bikes; heavy cruisers and other varieties of the motorcycle. The Condor PSTK-6400 is one of the finest wheel chocks on the market, primarily because it offers users a variety of different functions. The Pit Stop can be used to hold bikes upright at racing tracks or during repairs, and the trailer kit allows the bike to be transported there securely.

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Baxley Trailer Wheel Chock (Sport Bike & Scooter)

Baxley Motorcycle Chock

Baxley Trailer is an American brand, and their high-quality  wheel chock is made in the USA, using high-grade materials and impressive construction methods. It features a pivot cradle that secures a variety of different bikes, including scooters. In terms of motorcycle wheel chock reviews, the Baxley chock rates very well compared to other, similar models. The use of high-density rubber also gives it an added element of protection, making it a very safe and comforting motorcycle wheel chock for tires between 16 and 18 inches.

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Lock N Load Motorcycle Wheel Chock Combo


This comprehensive kit by Lock N Load provides all the necessary equipment needed to stabilize and transport a variety of motorcycles. This is one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks, as it offers users a selection of tie-downs for both front and rear wheels, making it a highly reliable and versatile option as well.  This is also a very affordable alternative, as it can be purchased as a combo kit, giving riders the freedom of adapting their chock to suit their needs.

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max 5001-5010

This wheel chock by Extreme Max is an excellent, heavy duty option suited to a wide variety of motorcycles. This easy-to-assemble chock accommodates wheels ranging between 17 and 21 inches in diameter, and features a textured powder finish, making it a highly durable alternative that is able to withstand harsher conditions. This product is compatible with both front and rear wheels and can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of an individual motorbike.

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Condor SC#1500 Permanent Chock

Condor sc1500

This model by Condor is a permanent option, ideal for those looking to display their motorcycles or retire from riding. The SC#1500 is one of the top motorcycle wheel chock review contenders, as most consumers seem to love the high-quality craftsmanship of this product, made obvious through the use of steel and a black powder coating. This chock can accommodate wheels ranging between 14 and 22 inches in diameter and will support weights of up to 3000 pounds, making this a very heavy duty option suited to larger motorcycles.

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Maxxtow Maaxhaul 70271 Heavy Duty Chock

Maxxhaul 70271 Heavy Duty

This wheel chock by Maaxtow is a heavy duty option, suited to those in need of stabilizing larger bikes. This Maxxtow Maaxhaul 70271 comes with a capacity of 1800 pounds, made from heavy duty steel, meaning that it is able to withstand this weight without any damage or undue strain. The Maaxhaul is one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks, and one that accommodates wheels ranging between 3 and 5 inches. It also features a powder coat finish, making it a durable option likely to last for many years.

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