Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

When you wash your hands and you touch the soap dispenser, there is a good chance that it is covered in germs. An automatic soap dispenser is made specifically to help keep your hands cleaner by minimizing contact to the greatest degree possible.

Top Pick Soap DispenserAfter doing hours of research, we have gathered a list of top 10 best automatic soap dispensers of 2017. For a cleaner environment that is more germ-free automatic soap dispensers are a great choice. Not only that, but automatic soap dispensers are more convenient than ordinary pump soap dispensers. If you’re looking for the best automatic soap dispenser check out these automatic soap dispenser reviews 2017 to help you make the best choice for your home or business.

The Original Hayden Autosoap – Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

The Original Hayden Autosoap

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With a design that is both sleek and modern, this auto soap dispenser will look beautiful in any kitchen or bathroom. It has the texture and appearance of brushed stainless steel. It even has a coating which is smudge proof and no-fingerprint so that it always looks nice. It’s easy to clean, just use a damp cloth and wipe it down. The volume can be adjusted thanks to 3 different settings. This gives you the ability to dictate the amount of soap which is dispensed. It can work with any soap, be it hand sanitizer or liquid soap. Some soap dispensers require that you use a specific brand of soap, but this one gives you freedom. It is completely touch-free due to the infra-red sensor. The smart motion technology gives you operation which is easy-to-use and does not need to have contact with your hand. The sensor will only be activated when needed, which can’t be said for all soap dispensers. Some dispensers are too sensitive and thus they may spill. With this dispenser, you won’t have to touch a soap bar or normal soap dispenser in your own home again. Because it has a fairly large capacity you won’t have to keep filling it up all the time. It uses 4 AAA batteries to operate and setup is easy with only 4 simple steps.

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Secura Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser – Battery Operated

Secura 17oz 500ml Premium

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This soap dispenser is battery operated. This automatic soap dispenser has a container with the capacity of 17 oz. There is a volume control switch that lets you adjust the amount of soap dispensed from 0.03-0.19oz depending on your preference. It also comes with an on/off switch. The infrared sensor detects your hands within the range of 2.75 inches. Dispensing of soap is hygienic, easy, and ultimately entirely touchless. It can be easily put onto a counter-top or mounted on the wall. The container itself is clear and the finish is black and high-quality chrome. With this dispenser, there will be no need for you to use a regular dispenser that is covered in bacteria and germs. Use it with whatever liquid soap you love best. It’s easy to clean all you need is a soft cloth and soapy warm water. There are four AA batteries which are protected by a silicone seal. It lasts longer than many other soap dispensers because most don’t have a battery compartment which is sealed.

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EcoDefy Automatic Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser – For Kitchen Sink And Bathroom

EcoDefy Automatic Touchless

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This touchless dispenser will fit great into your décor because it is modern and stunning it can bring an air of luxury and class into your home. The design is brushed stainless steel. It is sleek and resists fingerprints. It will stay clean and continue to look beautiful this soap dispenser can help to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading in your home and family. You will never have to have a dirty soap dispenser in your home again. Place your hand or hands in front of the dispenser and it will automatically dispense soap due to the infrared sensor. A regular store-bought dispenser won’t be nearly as clean or hygienic. It will help you, your children and your whole family stay healthier and safer—enjoy significantly fewer sick days. Even children love it for its fun “magic” way of dispensing soap without any contact, and this is a great way to get them to wash their hands more often. There are several settings you can select in order to adjust the volume of soap it dispenses. A single push of a button lets you control the amount of soap. It can be used with hand or body lotion, hand sanitizer, and any dish or liquid hand soap. Just use whatever you have or enjoy buying, you won’t have to get any special type or brand of soap. It uses AAA batteries so it is more energy efficient than other devices. Setting it up is easy.

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Automatic Soap Dispenser – Stainless Steel Fingerprint Resistant

Automatic Soap Dispenser Stainless

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The operation is easy-to-use and it is also no-touch. The Automatic Soap Dispenser will only activate as it is needed due to sensor technology which is infra-red and smart-motion. This touch-free soap dispenser provides adjustable volume settings which allow you to choose the specific amount of soap dispensed whenever you wash your hands. The stainless steel is fingerprint resistant and it works on 4 AAA batteries. The design is modern and will fit in with any kitchen or bathroom. The capacity holds 250 ml installing is easy, all you have to do is open the base cover, insert the batteries, install the stand, unlock the top cover, and fill the dispenser. To turn it off or on just press the switch. It has three different settings that you can select when it comes to volume, all you have to do is push on the switch.

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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser With Adjustable Foam Controls

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

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This economical foam soap dispenser turns the liquid soap you love most into foam by diluting it with water. This lets you use as much as 75% less soap than you ordinarily would have. This touchless foam soap dispenser is adjustable in that you can manage the amount of volume that it dispenses each time you wash your hands. There are two settings for this. The dispenser is long lasting, the reservoir is 16 ounces and gives you 830 hand washes. It is also efficient and can last as long as a year with the 4 AA batteries it uses. This dispenser is even space saving because it can be mounted to the wall. Soon it will be available in champagne once again which is a beautiful and elegant color. Champagne looks great alongside fixtures which are brushed nickel. If you don’t want to mount it to the wall it can sit on any counter in the bathroom or kitchen. Regular dispensers spread germs and frequently create spills that have to be cleaned. Use 3 parts water to one part soap in order to dilute the soap so you don’t have to refill it nearly as often. Set up is easy and so is turning it off or on or adjusting the volume.

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SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap

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Never touch a dirty soap bar or hand pump in your home again, simply put your hand under the sensor and it will automatically dispense the soap right into your hand. The automatic dispenser is completely touch-free. Motion sensor technology automatically dispenses just the right volume of soap by detecting your hand as you place it bellow the dispenser. This touch-free operation is much more sanitary. There is no risk of dripping or messy spills because the dispensing valve is designed to completely cut off the soap as soon as it has dispensed it into your palm. Refilling it is not only fast but also easy due to the wide opening. It has a silicone valve which keeps you from dealing with either clogs or drips. It can be used with any hand sanitizer or liquid soap that you want to use. It can last as long as a whole year with 4 AAA batteries, making it very energy efficient. Enjoy a year of use before needing to replace the batteries. The stylish and modern design will look great wherever you place it. It comes in silver and white. This single touch-free soap dispenser can help to reduce millions of germs from spreading to your hands. Regular hand washing is important for staying healthy and this is especially true for children. It can be used for liquid soap, kitchen hand soap, hand sanitizer, and shampoo. You can even check on how much soap is remaining due to the convenient windowed slot. The exterior is easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a cloth that has been damped. It features a refillable tank, large capacity, and it is easy to use, refill, and set up.

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OLpure Automatic Soap Dispenser Touchless With Waterproof Base

OLpure Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Enjoy oil spray with this fully automatic soap dispenser. The operation is entirely touched free. Every kitchen should be equipped with oil spray. It has a new, well-designed base which ensures that the batteries won’t get corroded. It won’t leak and it is waterproof. The modern design is fingerprint-resistant and it will look great in any bathroom or kitchen. This is a great gift idea for just about anyone. The sprayer is made out of stainless steel, it’s 100ML, and it is ideal for vinegar, soy sauce, canola oil, olive oil, or other similar liquids. Use it to moisten the frying pan, BBQ, or a salad. These great accessories will doubtlessly make your life a little more convenient and easier. The automatic dispenser set is made out of brushed stainless steel and it looks good anywhere. Setup is easy and it is also easy to refill it. Children are more likely to wash their hands with this automatic soap dispenser. Have you ever needed to wash your hands but they were already filthy? You don’t want to touch the soap dispenser because everything you touch leaves a mess—this automatic soap dispenser will take care of the problem. It is free of smudges and fingerprints. You can select from 3 unique amounts of soap that it will dispenses. It has a fairly low electricity consumption and new base that protects the batteries.

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AGE Hygiene Automatic Soap Dispenser 17 oz – For Home, Kitchen, Office

AGE Hygiene Nickel Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Get the highest degree of hygiene with zero hand contact. Regular soap dispensers are sure to attract germs like a magnet, but this best-rated auto soap dispenser is free-standing and sure to help keep germs and bacteria off your hands. It can help to keep you and your whole family cleaner and healthier while at the same time making for a much more sanitized home overall. The motion sensor is cutting-edge so you don’t have to worry about the soap dispensing in an uncontrolled way or about hand wrangling. It is fast and gives you the perfect amount of either soap or sanitizer. It can tell the difference between a random movement and when you intentionally put your hand below. It has control buttons that are high-caliber and easy to use. It’s simple to adjust the volume dispensed with a mere push of a button. The silicone valve is dripless and tightly sealed so there are no drips or messy trails to clean up. Every time you will get the right amount of soap.

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Rickyaaron Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser – 16.9oz Capacity

Automatic-Foaming-Soap Dispenser by rickyaaron

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Some soap dispensers are too sensitive and this leads to spillages, but you won’t have to worry about that with this automatic dispenser and the smart motion infra-red technology it uses. You can use it with any soap that you like, you don’t have to buy a specific kind. The volume can be adjusted and you can select one of two settings. Dilute the soap with water and use 75% less soap than you would while at the same time enjoying a foamy soap. It can be wall mounted or just set on the counter. It has a 16-ounce reservoir and an energy efficient motor which lets the four AA batteries last up to a year. You can even get over 800 hand washes from the 16 ounce reservoir. Use 4 parts water to one part soap. Specialized foam soap is just effective even when it is diluted with water.

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Opernee Automatic Soap Dispenser

Opernee Automatic Soap Dispenser

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With a smart motion infra-red sensor that is Japanese, it works on time and even has a greater anti-aging capacity. This dispenser will work around 15000 times which is a fairly long life. It is both waterproof and anti-leak. It uses technology that can keep water and soap away from corroding the circuit board. There is also a waterproof base. It is easy to operate, sensitive, and totally touch-free. You won’t have to wave your hand around to get it to work, one pass will dispense soap right into your hand. It’s never been this easy to wash your hands without having to touch a dirty soap dispenser. There are three different levels you can choose from to dispense soap. There is no worry about trailing or dripping or any messes. Hand washing is the first way that you can prevent the spread of illness. You and your kids will enjoy this dispenser because it makes it easy to wash your hands. It has a 280ml refillable tank. And it’s easy to set up.

Benefits of a Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless soap dispensers go by other names including motion-activated dispensers, automatic dispensers, and touch-free soap dispensers. You have probably already seen them in the bathroom of restaurants or other company buildings. This type of soap dispenser is becoming more and more popular as the years go on, and many people are opting to use them in their own homes. 2017 is likely to see even more soap dispensers than previously. This is a popular choice for a few different reasons. Automatic soap dispensers are easy to use, touchless, hygienic, good for children, eco-friendly and a money saver.

1) Easy to Use

Even though regular soap dispensers aren’t necessarily hard or difficult to use, it’s also true that they aren’t quite as effortless as an automatic soap dispenser. The majority of regular soap dispensers require that you push down on the top with one hand and cup your other hand below in order to get the soap on your hands. A touchless soap dispenser requires only that you place your hand under the dispenser—that’s all there is to it, it’s as simple and easy as that. Some people like this kind of dispenser so much that they even use it for other liquids like shampoo and lotion, and many times they are used for hand sanitizer as well.

2) Touchless

Obviously, touchless soap dispensers are touchless, this in and of itself is why they are easier to use, cleaner, and good for children. The fact that they are touchless also means that they come in very hand in the kitchen or cooking area. When you are cooking you quite likely have your hands in a variety of different raw foods—from raw chicken to flour, seasonings, or eggshells. Having a touchless soap dispenser is very nice because you don’t have to track that food or those germs that are on your hands onto the soap dispenser. You can keep your cleaning are and your hands clean at the same time.

3) Hygienic

This is likely one of the top reasons that people choose to get automatic soap dispensers. They are much cleaner than other options, such as soap bars or ordinary soap dispensers. When you wash your hands you already have germs on them, and putting your dirty hands onto the soap dispenser leaves bacteria and germs on the surface. Being able to wash your hands before having to touch a bunch of surfaces keeps germs from spreading in your home. There is little doubt that this type of soap dispenser is more clean and hygienic than alternatives.

4) Good for Kids

Automatic soap dispensers are sure to encourage children to wash their hands more frequently. They are easier and require less effort, which is the first reason that they get people to wash their hands more often. Aside from this, they are also fun for children. There is an element of “magic” about automatic soap dispensers that has a great deal of appeal and excitement for kids. This makes them more fun to use and thus they get used more often.

5) Eco-Friendly and Money Saver

Some automatic soap dispensers are more eco-friendly and better at saving money than others are–this all depends on the one that you get. One reason they are good for saving money is the fact that the majority of automatic soap dispensers allow you to select the volume of soap dispensed, so people aren’t taking more than they need. Foam soap dispensers use something like 75% less soap than others because you will dilute it with water, and obviously this means spending less money on soap too. Some best automatic soap dispensers are also designed so that they only need to have batteries replaced about once a year.

Automatic vs. Manual Soap Dispensers

When compared side-by-side, there are just many advantages which automatic dispensers have over manual dispensers. You can just buy a cheap clear plastic soap dispenser and then throw it away when it’s empty. Some people reuse them and other buy the soap separately and then pour it into a nicer more high-quality manual soap dispenser.

Essentially all automatic soap dispensers will be fixed in place in your home until they are no longer usable or break down, and most of them will last a fairly long time. Basically, all of them are refillable, so you just buy the soap and fill up the dispenser whenever it gets low. Most of them operate on batteries that must be replaced periodically, but often the batteries will last quite a long time. Automatic soap dispensers are in general quite a bit cleaner than manual soap dispensers. They are apart from this easier to use and may be more convenient in places like the kitchen. Automatic soap dispensers are the future which is why they make so much sense for 2017.

Cleanliness and hygiene are a very important aspect of our modern culture, and thus clean practices are regularly implemented. These cleaner ways of living are partly why we have been able to eliminate so many diseases and germs. In our day and age, we are living cleaner and generally healthier lives than at virtually any other point in history. Nevertheless, bacteria and microbes are still out there and they still pose a problem. One great way to minimize how much we are exposed to these contaminants automatic soap dispensers are a great ally.

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