Top 10 Best Podcasting Microphones – 2017 Reviews

Podcasting is one of the most popular ways to share digital broadcasts using the Internet. These recorded broadcasts can be easily uploaded onto a service and then it can be downloaded onto a wide variety of mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet, and another portable digital device as well as any personal computer with Internet access.

Podcasting Microphone Main

Like a traditional radio broadcast the equipment is extremely important and having the right type of equipment for the recording of your podcast is very important.

So when it comes equipment for podcasting, the microphone is the most important piece of all of the equipment. The podcasting microphone is a unique type microphone, that every pod-caster should be aware.

We did plenty of online research in order to come up with several different models of podcast microphone in order to come up with a list of the best podcasting microphone.

Along with the list of microphones, we included podcasting microphone reviews.

Rode NT1A Condenser Microphone Package

Rode NT1A Anniversary

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The Rode Vocal Condenser Microphone features high-quality construction and is made from only the highest quality materials. It also includes several pieces of additional equipment that are all designed to help the user create studio quality recordings for podcasting. The unique construction of the low noise microphone is designed specifically to be used for recording voices.

The heart of NT1A Vocal Condenser microphone system is what is called a cardioid condenser type microphone. It features a 1-inch cardioid condenser microphone that is capable of producing a low self-noise level of only 5dBA, which puts in on par with some of the much more expensive podcasting microphone. The package also includes microphone shield and highly adjustable microphone stand.

In order to get the best results for all of your efforts, sometimes you need to spend a little bit more, but all of the money is definitely worth it with the Rode NT1A microphone

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CAD U37 Studio Condenser Recording Microphone – USB

CAD U37 USB Studio Microphone

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The U37 Studio Condenser microphone is designed to handle a wide range of sound recordings. The frequency response range is the key to its ability to deliver high-quality voice recording. It is fully compatible with both Windows-based podcasting software and Apple OSX software as well. It is fully Plug n Play so that you don’t need to worry about finding a driver that works with your systems OS.

CAD created a superior podcasting microphone for people who are on a limited budget. However, just because it is considered a lower end microphone, it delivers much better performance. It features an industry standard cardioid condenser that helps to produce a lower 10 dBA self-noise level. The extra long USB cord is 10′ which means you don’t have to right on top of your PC recording equipment in your home studio.

This microphone from CAD is the perfect podcasting microphone for the person who is on a budget but wants to get the most out of their money.

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Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Samson Meteor Microphone

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The Meteor Mic is compact little studio style microphone that is designed to fit instantly anywhere. The unique design of it doesn’t require any expensive mounting of optional boom style holder in order for it to be used as a podcast microphone. It plugs neatly into any USB port and instantly turns wherever you are into a recording studio.

The high-quality microphone features a one of a kind flip down tripod style stand which instantly puts it in the perfect position to begin recording anytime you need it. It was designed especially to be used with the Apple iPad tablet and it comes with the iPad style USB cord. Has a built in ⅛” headphone jack for sound monitoring and features a volume knob to adjust the output sound.

This compact little microphone can be easily tucked away into the drawstring carrying pouch and stuck your back pack.

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TONOR Professional 3.5mm XLR Condenser Microphone Kit

TONOR Professional 3.5mm XLR Microphone

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The Professional 3.5mm XLR Condenser Microphone is a high-quality microphone system that will turn your home office instant into a professional looking recording studio. The package includes everything you need to get started and it plugs neatly into any USB port on a laptop or desktop computer. It delivers great sounding vocals which make it perfect for creating the best sounding podcasts for everyone to enjoy.

The unique boom style adjustable scissor arm mount is made of extra sturdy steel with a durable coating for long lasting use. The quality condenser microphone features gold plated diaphragm capsule and has cardioid pickup pattern, this helps to smooth out and eliminate any background noise so that all you get pure vocals. It also includes a nylon windscreen to prevent popping and blowing sounds from being picked up by the microphone.

If you are looking to replicate a professional recording studio in your home, you got to look into this setup from Tonor.

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Fifine Plug & Play Condenser Microphone For PC/Computer

Recording Microphone Usb Fifine Microphone

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The FiFine USB Condenser Microphone can easily turn wherever you are instantly into a recording studio. It made from only the highest quality materials and is compact enough to slip into any computer bag. It is completely Plug n Play with no special drivers needed and plugs directly into any USB port and begin recording. It clips easily into the compact foldable tripod stand and is multi directional so that it can be repositioned

The compact size of the FiFine USB condenser microphone features a sturdy, black and gold tone steel case. The Cardioid polar pickup pattern ensures that your sound quality is second to none. It virtually eliminates any background noise so that all your listeners hear is the sound of your golden voice. It is perfect for podcasting and can be used virtually anywhere you can put your laptop and microphone safely. It works great with both Windows and Apple’s OSX OS’s and doesn’t require any special hookups.

This great looking black and gold tone microphone is highly portable and can be used anywhere you are that you have a USB port to plug into.

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Fifine USB Condenser Mic Plug & Play Desktop Microphones  – Podcasting – Recording

USB Condenser Mic Fifine Plug & Play Podcasting

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The FiFine USB Condenser Microphone is compact carry anywhere podcasting microphone that is capable of turning just about anywhere you are in a recording studio. The sturdy case is made from all metal and comes with a compact stand that holds it in the perfect position. The built in circuitry delivers the best quality sound you can expect from this portable microphone. Plug and play design mean it doesn’t require any special driver and is ready to use in seconds of plugging it in.

This all steel, white and silver toned case looks really good clipped into the compact foldable and repositionable tripod stand. Plugs easily into any USB port of a laptop or desktop computer and setups in seconds with its plug and play configuration (no special software required to run it). It features cardioid polar pickup pattern which helps to smooth out the vocals and eliminate any unwanted background noise. This makes it perfect to use for podcasting and voice recording virtually anywhere you can plug it in and set it up.

The compact design and budget price makes it a great deal for a budding podcaster and the quality of sound is well worth the price.

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XIAOKOA Plug & Play Home Studio microphones for iPhone Android

XIAOKOA Professional Podcasting Microphone Black

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The XIAOKOA Plug & Play Condenser Microphone is designed to plug into any Android or Apple smartphone and you instantly have a studio quality podcasting system. It plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack of the smartphone using the special audio cable which accepts the input from the microphone and outputs to the phone and also allows you to plug-in headphones for sound monitoring. The compact stand can be placed on any solid surface and you instantly have a recording studio anywhere you are.

The sturdy all-metal construction and cardioid polar pattern pickups deliver crisp and clear vocals and eliminate the unwanted background sounds. The included windscreen hooks right up into the compact tripod stand and helps to prevent the wind from being picked up by the ultra sensitive microphone. The 3.5mm audio cable allows it to also be used with any desktop or laptop computer as well as a smartphone.

Instantly turn anywhere you go into a recording studio and create your podcast when and wherever the urge strikes you.

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Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone –  Podcasting And Recording Pack

Samson Q2U Handheld Dynamic Podcasting Pack

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The Q2U Handheld Dynamic microphone is high quality, versatile microphone that works great for podcasting. It is constructed out of lightweight materials so that it doesn’t cause fatigue when holding for long periods of time. It features dual cable hook ups and has an onboard 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in a set of headphones to monitor the sound.

The lightweight, die cast body and wire mesh top cover makes it not good looking, but very easy to handle. For the times that you don’t want to carry the microphone, you can use the fold-out tripod stand. It can be plugged in using the USB to your PC or Mac and XLR to any amplifier. The unidirectional cardioid polar pattern helps to smooth out the sound and virtually eliminate any background noise. It can be used for home studio recording for podcasts and on stage live music performance and recording.

This very versatile microphone is best for podcasting and live on stage singing and performing.

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XIAOKOA Professional Condenser Microphone For iPad – iPhone – PC Podcasting

Chatting Mini Microphones by XIAOKOA

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The Professional Condenser podcasting microphone from XIAOKOA is highly versatile mini condenser microphone that can be used most anywhere you want to use it. It can be hooked up to a wide range of devices including smartphones (Apple and Android OS) and computer (Windows and Mac OS). The package includes everything you need to get started and is fully plug and play.

The XiAOKOA Professional Condenser microphone is made of lightweight, yet sturdy metal and it comes with a multi-position compact stand. The USB cable (included in the package) plugs into and USB port on a number of different mobile devices including the Apple iPad/iPod Touch, Windows and Android Tablets, and smartphones. Does not require any drivers to be installed and in truly Plug and Play.

The Professional Condenser from XIAOKOA microphone is best for podcasting as it does a great job recording.

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TONOR 3.5mm XLR Condenser Microphone Podcasting

TONOR 3.5mm XLR Condenser Microphone 2


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The XLR Condenser podcasting microphone from Tonor is designed to make it easy to setup a professional style recording studio for podcasting in your own home. The condenser microphone features industry standard sound technology and the highest quality materials in order to deliver the best quality sound recordings for your money. The package includes everything you need to get started.

The Tonor XLR Condenser podcasting microphone features an all-metal body with a gold plated diaphragm cover and cardioid polar pickup pattern combines to produce studio quality recording. The scissor style mounts clamps to the desk and can be stretched in a number of directions and the microphone screen attaches directly to the mount and protects the microphone. The XLR cable requires an additional power supply and 3.5mm audio cable to connect to your PC. It is not compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Tonor XLR is a professional quality microphone that is designed for podcasters on a lower budget.

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