Top 10 Best Tablets For Artists – 2017 Reviews

In the past, artists would take pencils and brushes to paper and canvas to create their work, many still do, but in today’s tech-savvy world they also use computers to create their works of art.

Now that tablets have become more robust and popular, it’s not surprising that tablet makers started making tablets that artists can use to create their work.

First many came out with drawing tablets, ones that you could doodle on, in the years since those tablets came out, they’ve improved them so much that even artists will use them for their work.

This article will cover the best tablet for artists and point out all the important aspects in these drawing tablet reviews.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen

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The Cintiq, by Wacom, is one of the most sought after tablets for artists.  While it is pricey compared to others, you definitely get what you pay for.  The 13.3 HD display has a wide viewing angle so that you can get the most out of your experience.

The Wacom Pro Pen that comes with it is a dream to use for artists. It is pressure and tilt sensitive and will allow you to let your creative juices flow right onto the screen.

With the three-position display stand, you can use it on your desk at an angle that’s comfortable for you or have it in your lap. It is fairly lightweight so having it sit in your lap for a long period of time won’t be a problem at all if that’s how you prefer to use your drawing tablet.

Another great thing about the Cintiq is that it works with PC and Mac with the 3 in 1 cable that is included, so there’s no need to have to go out and buy additional cables to make sure it works with what you normally use.

All in all, the Cintiq is one of the best tablets for artists out there, many say the higher price is definitely worth it.

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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

Apple iPad Pro 9.7

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The Apple name has always been linked to creativity. It uses to be if you wanted to create any kind of digital art, you had to get a Mac, now the same thing can be said by some for their iPads.

The Apple iPad Pro is considered to be one of the best drawing tablets out there by many. It’s powerful, fast and has one of the thinnest displays out there.

The touch stylus pen allows you to use it as an electronic drawing pad and create great works of art. Another interesting fact about the stylus pen is that it can also work on any other touch device.

The Retina display is just awesome, everything shows up so vividly on screen, which is great for artists.  You know how you’ve looked at a painting and they say that the colors just pop off the canvas?  Well, you can say the same thing about the colors popping off the screen with the Apple iPad Pro.

One of the great things about the Apple is that while most other tablets for artists out there are strictly for art, the Apple can be used for everyday stuff too, no need to have one for everyday stuff and one for your art.

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Huion Giano Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet

Huion Giano Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet

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This Huion has the largest display in their line, with a 13.8″ by 8.6″ work area.  Their thinking is the larger the work area, the more productive creativity for you.

It looks like a plain old tablet, but what you can do with it is most important so they didn’t focus on making it look flashy or anything like that, it does what it was created to do, be a great drawing tablet.

There is no need to be strapped to your computer while using the Huion. They made the tablet and pen wireless so you won’t have to sit at your desk if you don’t want to and you can start creating whenever the impulse hits you. With connectivity of up to 40 feet, you can easily sit on your couch or bed and work on your art instead of having to sit at your desk because of a cable.

While it is wireless, the pen still works great, allowing you to create works of art down to the smallest detail.

The Huion works with both PC and Mac and once fully charged, can last for up to 40 hours before having to be charged again, allowing you to work for a long time.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Inch

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Inch

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The Galaxy S3 isn’t just an ordinary tablet, it also can be considered one of the best tablets for artists. The Galaxy S3 is a powerful tablet that can be used for everyday use and for your artwork. Most think Apple has the claim to the best for artists, but Samsung has come a long way with its technology and vivid displays over the years.

The display is a dream to view, the colors are so vivid and details so crisp you are sure to love it. Imagine seeing your creation come to life on the screen, it’s just that good.

The S Pen that comes with the tablet is said to be true to life, meaning it really does act like a pencil or brush. It is angle and pressure sensitive so it really does mimic what you would do with a pen or pencil. While the tablet itself has to be charged, the S Pen doesn’t need any charging, so as long as you have a charge on your table, you don’t have to worry about the charge on the pen also.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has it all where you don’t need to have separate tablets for every day and artwork and at a price point, most people won’t have a problem with.

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Wacom Intuos Art Pen – Best Drawing & Painting tablet

Wacom Intuos Art Pen

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Wacom is the number one maker and seller of graphic tablets for desktop and Mac computers. The Intuos line of graphic tablets was designed to with a wide range of features and capabilities. The tablet includes a pen-type stylus for controlling the pointer and drawing on the computer screen. The package includes a number of useful software programs that will come in handy to be used with the tablet.

The Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet comes in two different sizes; small (8.25″ x 6.7″) and medium (10.75″ x 8.75″). The pen works in concert with tablet and can be used instead of the mouse. The tablet is capable of connecting via the USB cable or wireless (wireless adapter sold separately). The pen itself features a touch-sensitive tip that can control the thickness of the lines being drawn based on the amount of pressure being applied to the tablet surface.

It is fully compatible with most of today’s popular graphic production software. It is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OSX operating systems.

The Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Tablet is perfect for graphic artists of all experience levels and whether you prefer Mac or Windows OS.

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XP-Pen Artist 10S 10.1

XP Pen Artist10S 10.1

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The Artist 10S Graphic Tablet is part of the new generation of graphical tablets that include a built-in monitor. This new technology makes it possible for today’s artists to see what they are drawing directly on the screen. The engineers at XP-Pen paired the highest quality monitor and drawing capability of the pen stylus to provide today’s artist with the ultimate graphic tool.

The Artist 10S features a triple layer construction that includes a high quality, ultra high-resolution IPS LCD screen which sits on top of a highly sensitive touch grid and topped with an anti-glare coated glass protective cover. The screen is a massive 10.1″ and features an amazing 1280 x 800 dpi, 16:10 aspect ratio.

The pen was designed with the battery-free technology that doesn’t require it to be recharged or have any batteries replaced in order for it to work. The highly sensitive tip of the pen uses the pressure of the pen being pushed against the screen to control the thickness of the line on the tablet.

The XP-Pen Artist 10S Tablet is part of the newest generation of graphic tablets that combines the drawing capability and a built-in LCD monitor. The ultra sensitive, battery-free pen is really easy to handle.

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Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet

Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet

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A drawing tablet is a must have for today’s graphic artists, much like the sketchpad is needed by a freehand illustrator. The 1060 Plus from Huion is filled with a whole lot of useful features. It also has some extras that aren’t found on too many other tablets in its class. It provides an extra large drawing surface and easy to handle stylus.

The large drawing surface and low-profile design make’s easy to fit onto a desk, even in tight spaces. It features a 10″ x 6.25″ drawing area and has an overall dimension of 9.4″ x 14.2″ x .4″ and weighs just 3.2 pounds. It comes with the 3 in 2 connection cable and also a USB cable for charging the rechargeable pen stylus. Something that is brand new for the 1060 Plus is a carrier on the end for the pen to be put when not in use. It also features a built-in microSD card reader with an 8GB microSD card included (expandable to 64GB).

The Huion 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet is perfect for the graphic designer of any level looking for a way to get the most out of their creativity. It works with both Windows and Mac OS and also fully compatible with most of today’s popular graphic software.

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Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet, Medium

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen

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When it comes to graphic drawing tablets Wacom is by far the king of the hill. They have been making these types of devices for many years and they make the best quality tablets that are being used by the best of the best graphic artists in the industry. The Intuos line of graphic drawing tablets is one of the most preferred of all tablets in the industry.

The Intuos Pro Pen and Touch is feature packed and comes in two sizes; medium and large. It works with both Mac and PC as well as the majority of the most popular graphic design software programs. The medium sized tablet features a large amount of drawing space with its 13.2″ x 8.5″ x .3″ surface. The pen features an ultra sensitive tip with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, you can easily control the thickness of the lines you are drawing by increasing/decreasing the pressure on the tablet. It can also make adjustments for the angle of the tip and the pen as you are drawing.

The Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet is one of the most popular of the Wacom graphical drawing tablet, it is preferred by many of the top graphic artists in the world and provides plenty of popular features.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128 GB, 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i5

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft was looking to enter the tablet market and as with most things they do, it was done in a major way. The Surface Pro 4 is the latest version of the powerful, desktop replacement mobile device. They have packed a whole lot of useful features into this device and one that really makes it a great option for graphic designers; on-screen drawing with the Bluetooth enabled pen.

The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft is a powerful, handheld computer and touchscreen tablet in one device. This Surface Pro 4 comes with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB’s of RAM for all the speed you will need to run most of the more popular graphic design programs and the 128 GB’s of storage means that you can store quite a bit of work and carry it with you.

The screen is amazingly vivid and the touchscreen is very sensitive in order to improve response time. The pen stylus allows you to draw directly onto the screen using the included software and also the many other available software programs. It comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro OS and a number of other useful programs.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is one of the most versatile graphic drawing tablets in that it can be used as a full touchscreen computer. It is powerful enough to run most of the graphic design programs.

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Turcom TS-6610 Graphic Tablet Drawing Tablets  – Good For Kids And Artists

Turcom TS 6610 Graphic Tablet Drawing

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The graphic drawing tablet has become an indispensable tool for today’s digital-based graphic designers and artists. The TS-6610 Drawing Tablet features a very large drawing surface and a number of customizable buttons and hotkeys for added functionality. The wireless pen can easily function as your computer’s mouse for more precise response time. Connects via the included USB cable to your PC or Mac computer.

The TS-6610 features an ample 10″ x 6.25″ size drawing area and it will fit on most desks. The pen is powered by a single “AAA” battery and connects wirelessly (via Bluetooth) and comes with a convenient stand holder. The pen also features two programmable buttons and has an amazing 2048 levels of sensitivity for very precise drawing. It is fully compatible with many of the most popular graphic design software like; Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Adobe Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk 3D Max and a whole host of other programs.

The Turcom TS-6610 Graphic Drawing Tablet is a really inexpensive, yet feature packed drawing tablet that has many of the same functionalities found on the higher end tablets for those designers on a budget.

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