Top 10 Best Beach Chairs For Heavy Person – 2017 Reviews

Chances are if you are the big or tall person you have ran into a problem when it came to finding a folding style beach chair.

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This is mainly because most standard size chairs are made smaller and lighter weight people. So this means you are left looking for beach chairs for heavy people and the selection isn’t normally large.

In our research for the best beach chairs, we were able to find a fairly large selection from a number to manufacturers.

There are actually a number of oversized beach chairs that are really good. Below we put together a list of our top choices of the best beach chairs for heavy person.

Living XL Heavy-Duty Portable Chair – 500-lb. Capacity

Living Xl 500 lb Chair

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This heavy duty portable chair was designed especially for big individuals in mind. The extra sturdy materials are used in order to support people who weigh up to 500 pounds. The unique design takes the extra stresses that are associated with being able to withstand that much weight and spreads the weight evenly across the structural frame.

The foldable frame features 22mm tubular steel and foldable joints with feet made out of a shatter-proof material. The seat, back, and armrest with storage pocket are all constructed of material made using heavy-duty 600-denier polyester fabric with heavy-duty stitching. The right side armrest has a built in the oversized cup holder and the left side armrest as a large storage bag and cup holder built in. The overall chair dimensions are; seat 24″ w x 22″ d, back 23.5″ w x 19.5″ h and weighs 10 pounds. The whole chair folds down and fits neatly into a carrying bag with drawstring.

The Living XL 500 pound capacity portable chair was designed for the big and tall person who wants to enjoy the beach or tailgating. It has all of the features found on the folding chairs that are made for the much smaller person. This would be a best choice for that special person.

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Beach Mall Big Jumbo Heavy Duty Aluminum Beach Chair – 500 lbs XL – Good  For Big & Tall

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The heavy-duty Big Jumbo folding beach chair is specially designed for the heavy person. The construction and materials used are all extra heavy-duty in order to handle up to 500-pound capacity. It also includes a whole slew of extras that are sure to make it a popular choice.

The extra sturdy construction of the lightweight aluminum frame and double-layer denier polyester fabric seat and back rest. All of the seams are heavy-duty stitched to prevent them from ripping apart. The armrests are made from four-inch wide solid wood and coated with a scratch-resistant coating. The high backrest features a padded headrest at the top and a storage bag with velcro closure attached to the back. There is a swing out cup holder attached to the right armrest, a zipper-closed bag on the left armrest and one under the seat.

The Beach Mall Big Jumbo beach chair is an extra strong folding chair that is sturdy enough to handle up to 500 pounds. It is really lightweight and has plenty of places to safely store objects and has a hiding cup holder.

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Wildhorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Camp / Beach Chair – Heavy Duty – Supports 350 lbs

Terralite Portable Camp Chair

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It is compact enough to easily fit into a backpack for hiking, climbing, and camping. It is also strong enough to handle up to 350 pounds of weight without breaking. The seat material is equally lightweight and yet extremely durable to ensure that it can hold up to the extra weight.

The Terralite chair is constructed of ultralight 7075 aluminum frame and washable fabric seat cover. The seat folds down into a small enough size that it can be easily carried in a backpack and taken with you on a hike or camping trip. It weighs a mere 2 pounds and just over 2.6 pounds when fitted with the exclusive Terragrip feet. The unique Terragrip feet, when attached to the legs of the chair virtually, prevents it from sinking into the sand or mud. The entire chair is made from materials that make it completely rust-proof which means it can be used outdoors, even along the ocean.

The very compact Terralite portable chair is perfect for the big and tall person who likes to hike or camping. It can be easily attached to a backpack and it is light enough not to weigh you down.

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StrongBack Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support (300 Pounds Support)

STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair

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The Elite folding camping chair is one of a unique chair of its kind on the market designed for the heavy people. It has a heavy-duty construction that is designed to support a person up to 300 pounds and provide unequaled back support. It features a unique support system you won’t find on other brands of chairs. The carrying case features backpack style shoulder straps for easy transportation.

The heavy-duty tubular steel frame is coated to provide UV protection against exposure and the ultra durable polyester fabric of the seat, backrest and armrests are all feature heavily sewn seams that will resist giving way even under the extra stress. The seat is extra wide at 23″ to accommodate a large or very tall person comfortably. The real secret to the comfort is in the exclusive lumbar support that is built into the backrest. It is extremely lightweight and folds down and packs neatly into an easy to carry zippered bag with shoulder straps for ease of carrying.

If you are looking for a portable beach or camping chair and you are large, tall or both, you cannot go wrong with the Elite Folding Chair from Strongback. It is well worth money and will hold up for years to come.

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Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

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Coleman is one of the most widely known makers of outdoor equipment for camping, hiking, and this portable chair is just another fine example. If it is made to Coleman’s exacting standards using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. It is designed specifically for the big people who like to enjoy camping and that cannot use the standard size folding chair. It has all of the same features you will find on other folding chairs like a beverage holder and even has a small, built in cooler for keeping your favorite beverage cool.

The oversized Quad Chair has a high strength steel tubular frame with the seat, backrest and armrests made using ultra sturdy polyester fabric. The seat, backrest, and armrests are all padded for additional comfort. The chair features heavy-duty construction so that it can handle the extra weight and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. To add to its comfort there is an oversized mesh bag for holding a number of things when you aren’t using it. The other armrest has a built in cooler that is able to hold up to four cans of your favorite beverage.

This Coleman Quad Chair is perfect for the beach or campsite for those people who are big and tall.

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Picnic Time ‘PT-XL’ Over-Sized Outdoor Folding Camp Chair – 400 Lb Capacity

Picnic Time Big ChairSee At Amazon

The PT-XL folding chair is made with only the highest quality materials and workmanship. It was designed with the big and tall in mind with its extra wide 24″ seat and durable ripstop fabric that covers its high strength all-steel folding style frame. It lightweight enough to carry it just about anywhere like the beach or campsite.

The seat, backrest, and armrests are all covered in an ultra durable ripstop mesh material made using 900d polyester fabric. The fabric sits on the heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel frame that combines to be able to handle weights up to 400 pounds. The oversized seat measures 24″ across and accommodates both big and tall people comfortably. It comes with a hanging beverage holder that will hold a single container of your favorite beverage. The whole chair folds down neatly and fits into an easy to carry zippered bag with a sling style strap.

This best oversized camping/beach folding chair is ultra sturdy and comfortable with an amazing 400-pound weight capacity.

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Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair –  Blue Color

Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair

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The “Big Guys” chair from Rio Gear is specially designed for the heavy people. It is constructed from the most sturdy materials and all of the seams heavily stitched in order to be able to withstand the added stress. The backrest is highly adjustable and can be leaned back for extra comfort. It has a built in beverage holder so that you don’t have to keep your bottle or can of your favorite beverage all the time.

The frame of the Big Guy chair is an extra heavy duty as to be able to hold a person up to 300 pounds. It is constructed of lightweight and durable tubular aluminum with powder coating for long lasting rust resistant usage. The backrest features an oversized padded pillow for extra comfort and it reclines backward into different four positions. The armrests are molded plastic with padded inserts for extra comfort. The chair folds down into a compact size and using the attached shoulder straps it can be carried like a backpack. It has a foam beverage holder that can hold your favorite beverage.

The “Big Guy” folding chair is perfect to be carried to the beach or to a campsite. It is large and sturdy enough to hold a person up to 300 pounds.

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ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

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The Alps King Kong folding chair is the strongest of it kind on the market today with a weight capacity of an amazing 800 pounds. The unique all steel frame is both sturdy and still light enough to easily be carried to even the most remote location. The seating area is extremely comfortable and very durable. It also has plenty of built in storage and cup holders for your favorite beverages and stuff.

The King Kong folding chair features an all steel frame with a patented design that provides an extremely stable foundation for the chair. The frame is powder coated to help it resist the elements as well as keep it looking great. The seat, backrest, and armrest are each made from a very durable and comfortable fabric made from a 600D polyester material. All of the seams feature heavy-duty stitching to help provide the 800-pound weight capacity. Each of the armrests has a cup holder and storage pouch attached to them and there is a large storage pouch attached to the backrest.

The Alps King Kong Folding Chair has the highest weight rating of all of the beach chairs on our list. It would make a great choice for any big or tall person.

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Living XL Extra-Wide Mesh Folding Beach Chair

Living Xl Extra Wide Beach Chair

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Living XL created a best looking folding beach chair that was designed especially for the big and tall person. It was made using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. All of the features help to deliver a very comfortable experience, including the cup holder and a place to store your stuff.

This folding chair features an ultra lightweight, all tubular aluminum frame, and heavy-duty vinyl mesh seat and backrest. The sturdy frame and seating material help to combine to deliver a 650-pound weight capacity which makes it a good fit for big and tall people. The armrests are made out of 4-inch solid wood with the right-hand side fitted with a cup holder and the left-hand side has a built in storage pouch. The backrest features three-position reclining for additional comfort.

The Extra-wide Mesh Folding Chair has the second highest weight capacity that we reviewed for this article and it would be a great value for anyone.

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Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair With Storage – 300 lbs Support

Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair

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Tommy Bahama is a well-recognized manufacturer of high-quality products and the Backpack Cooler Folding is a great example of the quality things they have to offer. This best oversized beach chair was designed especially for the individual who is either really big or very tall. The sturdy frame and heavy-duty fabric in the seat and backrest provide plenty of support for weight up to 300 pounds.

The frame is made from high strength and lightweight all aluminum tubing and the ultra wide 24″ seat will accommodate a very large person comfortably. The seat and backrest are made from a very durable 600D polyester fabric which is both comfortable and durable. The backrest features a unique five position reclining including lay flat for added comfort at the beach. The armrests are both molded plastic with an attached cooler pouch on the right side. The chair also features two padded shoulder straps and when folded up it can be carried just like a backpack to and from the beach or campsite.

The Tommy Bahama name is very well represented by this quality folding beach chair and it would make a great choice for anyone looking for this size of the chair.

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