From 1G To 5G How The Internet Has Changed The World – Infographic

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate. Whatever we need to do we now have the option of doing it online; from ordering a takeaway, to carrying out our weekly shop, chatting with a friend, or booking our next holiday, the Internet gives us access to a wealth of knowledge and communication tools that allow us to interact with others worldwide without even leaving the house.

Perhaps the biggest impact that the internet has had on our lives today is on social relationships. All barriers to communication have been removed; no longer are we constrained by space and time, and more recent developments in instant, mobile communication also mean that we are not tied to a specific device. We can log on to mobile phones and tablets and access information stored remotely in a ‘cloud’. This has resulted in people staying online, wherever they are, at any time.

Of course, the Internet has its drawbacks and presents new challenges to privacy and security. However, our world is now one that is networked, and connected by new technologies, bridging gaps between cultures and societies and significantly enhancing globalization.

In just a few, short years the Internet has changed the world and the ways in which we conduct our daily lives. No longer do we need to buy a newspaper to catch up with current events, we can now watch situations unfold online, in real time, making the introduction of the Internet one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

1G to 5G How The Internet-Has Changed

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