Best Photocopy Machines For Small Business – 2017 Reviews

Today’s multifunction printers are the heart and soul of any business office. Whether you are talking about a large or small business, there is a constant need to process and prepare a wide range of paperwork. In the past, that meant you had to buy a laser printer, copier, and fax machine to handle all of the different operations in the office.

That has all changed, all three of these functions can now be found inside one single machine called a Multifunction Printer. This article is dedicated to the top six multifunction photocopy machines from different brands.

Brother DCP-7065DN Monochrome Laser Multifunction Photocopy Machine

Brother DCP 7065DN Monochrome

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This highly capable monochrome (black and white) laser printer is a workhorse that would be perfect for any small or even medium size business office. It is not only a printer, but it can make multiple copies, scan your original documents and share them with the whole office. This machine can even print on both sides of the page to cut down on paper expense.

The Brother DCP-7065DN is capable of printing high-quality pages at an amazing 27 pages per minute. It comes with a standard 250 sheet paper tray and has a manual bypass feeder which allows it to handle thicker paper stock. It will also automatically duplex print (print on both sides of the page), which can help cut down on paper usage.

This machine also is capable of making copies and scanning documents which can be sent by email saved to a file and shared on a business network. While it can only print in black and while, the scanner is able to scan in full color and the images can be saved in OCR so that when using the necessary software you can manipulate the data in the file. The printer comes with drivers and software that works with both Windows and iOS based operating systems; Windows XP through Windows 10 and MS Server OS’s and Apple’s OSX 10.4 and above.

The Brother DCP-7065DN Multifunction Photocopy is a very capable multifunction printer that would be a perfect fit in most any small office or home office. It makes it possible to perform most all of today’s necessary business functions the people are needing a printer to do.

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Canon imageCLASS D530 Monochrome Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier

Canon imageCLASS D530

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This lower end monochrome multifunction printer combines three of the more highly sought after office functions into one, compact machine; print, copy and scanning. It is designed for individual use in a small or medium size office environment (USB connection only) and can be shared across a business network.

The Canon imageCLASS D530 is capable of copying and printing at a respectable 26 pages per minute and the first page comes out in as little as 8 seconds. It has a standard capacity of 250 sheets in the bottom paper drawer (handles up to legal-size 8.5″ x 14″) and has a manual feed tray for thicker paper stock.

The copy function features a scanning glass capable of scanning original documents up to letter size and can make up to 99 copies. It can scan both in black and white or color with resolutions up to 600 x 6oo dpi. It also comes with OCR software and drivers that work both with Windows and OSX operating systems. It features an easy to use operator panel with a brightly lit, 5-row LCD display screen and all of the function buttons clearly marked for easy of use.

This SOHO class laser printer from Canon brings the power of multifunctional operation to the small office and home offices all over the world.

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Canon Lasers Imageclass D1520 Monochrome Printer with Scanner & Copier

Canon Lasers Imageclass D1520

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This high-end, small to medium sized compact business office machine combines three very useful functions inside one machine. It can handle all of your printing, copying and scanning needs without having to have an office full of machines. It also allows you to take advantage of some of the today’s high-tech innovations such as; Google’s cloud printing and Apple’s Air Print.

The Canon Lasers Imageclass D1520 is a powerful printer with print speeds up to 35 pages per minute one single side and 17 pages per minute two-sided print. It has a high capacity standard paper drawer that handles up to 500 sheets of paper (up to legal size 8.5″ x 14″) and 50 sheet manual feed drawer. It has the ability to hold up to 1050 sheets of paper utilizing an optional 500 sheet paper drawer.

This machine features a high-quality scanning function that features a 50 sheet auto feeder and flatbed scanning glass that scans originals up to legal size documents and images. It has the ability to scan in both color and black and white with resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi which can be used to copy and scan text/photos, photos, and text. The easy to use touch screen allows you to make up to 999 copies of your original documents. The included scanning software and print drivers work both with Windows OS and Mac OSX operating systems.

The Canon Lasers Imageclass D1520 is a highly capable photocopy printer for small business. It would be a great choice for any business looking for a device for their office.

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Brother DCPL2520DW Wireless Compact Multifunction Laser Printer and Copier

Brother DCPL2520DW Wireless Compact

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This highly capable small office/home office class monochrome laser printer is powerful enough to handle a wide range of office functions. It can print/copy and scan original documents up to legal size. It can be connected to any network either wirelessly or using the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.

The Brother DCPL2520DW  is a very capable small office printer with print speeds up to 27 pages per minute for single-sided printing and 13 pages per minute full duplexing (two-sided printing). It has a paper capacity of 250 pages using the lower standard paper drawer which holds up to 250 sheets of paper up to legal size paper.

The copying function features a flatbed scanning glass under the top cover that scans original documents, photos up to legal size. The operator panel allows up to make up to 99 copies of the originals. This same feature makes it possible to simply walk up and make copies without having it connected to a PC or networked. The built-in firmware also allows you to reduce or enlarge from 25-400% from the original. The wireless networking capability of this printer makes it very versatile and allows it to be placed in a wide range of locations. It no wireless infrastructure is available you can always use the Ethernet port on the back to connect to any wired network.

Brother is one of the top makers of mid-level SOHO printers and this Brother DCPL2520DW Wireless Compact Multifunction Laser Printer and Copier is a great example. If you are looking for a really good printer and photocopy machine for your small business, you cannot go wrong with this machine.

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HP LaserJet 3055 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax (White)

HP LaserJet 3055 All in One Printer

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HP is one of the most widely known a respected manufacturer of printers in the world and they have been building industry-leading machines for more than 30 years. This Small Office/Home Office class multifunction printer is just one of the many examples of their quality machines. It can print, fax, photocopy in black and white and scan in both black and white and color.

The HP LaserJet 3055 copier is a compact and versatile business machine that prints and copies at 19 pages per minute. The resulting print is 1200 x 1200 dpi which will make the grayscale and halftones really pop off the page. This 4 in 1 machine is the perfect office machine with the inclusion of the faxing capability, along with printing, copying, and scanning.

The scanning, photocopy and fax functions all use the flatbed glass under the top and auto feed tray at the top of the machine. The feeder holds up to 50 sheets of paper and the scan and copy and print up to 19 pages per minute. While the printer is monochrome, the scanner will scan in full color and the files can be sent to your PC or even emailed. The operator panel features a small LCD screen and well-labeled buttons control all of the functions. The printer connects either using USB or it can be networked using the Ethernet port on the back of the printer. The included software and drivers work with both Windows OS and Mac OSX operating systems.

HP LaserJet 3055 is part of a long line of high-quality printers from one of best-known printer manufacturers for the past several decades. You cannot go wrong with this printer with all of its capabilities. If you need a photocopy machine with multiple features then this is a great product.

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Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN Color Multifunction Printer- Automatic Duplexing

Xerox WorkCentre 6505 DN

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Xerox is the world renowned expert in photocopying equipment and no one does it better than them. This multifunction, all-in-one machine is the absolute top of the line in its class for a small business office machine. This machine does it all, print, copy, scan and faxes with only the best overall results in the industry.

The Xerox WorkCentre 6505 delivers his resolution prints 600 x 600 dpi color and black and white images. It copies and prints at speeds up to 24 pages per minute, with the first page out in 12 seconds or less. This machine combines all four of the most sought after office functions; printing, copying, scanning and faxing in one relatively compact machine.

It’s scan and fax capabilities are quite powerful and using you can either use the flatbed scanning glass under the top lid or you can use the 35 sheet auto document feeder you can batch scan to help save time when you are needing to send several documents at one time. The included software and print driver feature many unique tools such as secure print, fax from any PC and a number of others. The software and drivers included are capable of being loaded on any PC with a Windows based OS or Apple based OSX.

This Xerox All-in-One color printer is at the top of its class when it comes to SOHO machines. It is able to do all four of the most necessary functions that all business offices require; printing (color and black and white), copying, faxing and scanning. If you are looking for a really good office printer, check out the Xerox WorkCentre 6505/DN Color Multifunction Printer.

Above are the best 6 Photocopy Machines For Small Business. If you want to share another best product then post your comment below.

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