Cheap Basketball Shoes For Men And Women – Buyer’s Guide 2017

Whether you are looking for cheap basketball shoes for men or women you have come to the right place. Not only is basketball fun, it is also a great sport that gives you plenty of fitness.

Staying in shape and keeping fit means having a healthier body, stronger bones and muscles, a better immune system, a faster metabolism, and a stronger heart and lungs. Besides this, basketball is a team activity that can teach people characteristics such as leadership skills and teamwork. If all that were not enough, basketball is fun, and that alone is reason enough so many people go out and play it on a daily basis.

BasketBall Shoes Top PickBasketball shoes are important for both men and women basketball players. When it comes to an important piece of apparel like the shoes used for a sport, gender doesn’t really make a difference. Men and women basketball players should both have the right kind of shoes. The only difference between them is essentially just the sizing, otherwise, they are made about the same and are designed specifically with basketball in mind. Having the right pair is important for helping you to perform and move your best while playing. Aside from this, basketball shoes are also key in preventing injuries from occurring on the court. Although there are a lot of great choices out there like the highest rated and top brands, many of these shoes are comparatively cheap for the quality they provide. Just because you play basketball and you want a decent pair of basketball shoes doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to pay an arm and a leg. Here is a list of cheap basketball shoe reviews so that you can find the best basketball shoes for you and your needs.

Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes

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These basketball shoes are made for a man and they are imported and synthetic. These Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes have a soles made out of rubber and the shaft is about High Top” from the arch. They are made up out of a mixture of synthetic lightweight leather and leather. The synthetic leather overlays are ideal for medial as well as lateral support. The ankle has greater support and foam due to the collar foam which is added. These Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes also have a sockliner that is EVA, molded, and full-length. There is a herringbone traction pattern which is what provides the optimal control and movement in the later/linear areas. These Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes have a solid rubber outsole that is one-piece.

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Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe

Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan Cheap ShoesSee At Amazon

Here is a great pair of cheap basketball shoes for men. The upper side of these basketball shoes has the Jordan Wings logo. The Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe has a lightweight cushioning due to the sole unit which is encapsulated air. They have a rubber sole, they are made out of leather, and they are also imported. These stylish shoes have a great look that sneakerheads and ballers know and love. The Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe is made out of premium materials. Whether you are playing basketball or you’re off the court, these shoes will make a statement. Not only is the Nike Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe nice to look at they also have the support that is responsive and cushy at the midsole.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe

adidas Performance Men Cheap Basketball Shoes

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These imported budget basketball shoes have a synthetic sole. The upper is made out of both synthetic and leather. The Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe has a mixed and make a design of three stripes. They utilize the torsion system which gives you greater midfoot stability as well as more mobility. The Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe has optimal durability and traction with the outsole which is made out of non-marking rubber. These shoes will give you the greatest degree of stability as well as flexibility. Enjoy more stability whenever you find yourself on the court. The shoes are ultra comfortable, lightweight, and they are made with a classic design. Have confidence whether you are just going outside or you are on the court taking on aggressive defenders or high-flying opponents. The torsion system is of the Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoe ideal for the integrity of the midfoot. If you are looking for cheap basketball shoes for men these are a great option.

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Reebok Men’s Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoe

Reebok Men's Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoes

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Made out of 40% mesh, and 60% synthetic, these are a great choice for those looking for a high quality basketball shoe. The shoes have a rubber sole and they are from Reebok. The Reebok Men’s Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoe is leather-and-synthetic and made in China. The Reebok Men’s Pumpspective Omni Basketball shoes are 100% authentic. The model number for this particular type of shoe is  V46234. Black/white/blz orange/green is the color description for the Reebok Men’s Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoe. Reebok is a trusted brand that was founded on the main purpose of helping athletes to run faster. The brand has been around since the 1980s. It was founded by Joseph William Foster. This brilliant man created running shoes with spikes, and they were some of the first shoes like them ever made. It wasn’t long before his company J.W. Foster and Sons came into the picture and soon they had become international.

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AND1 Men’s Fantom Basketball Shoe

AND1 Mens Fantom Basketball shoe

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 If you are working to achieve greater weight thresholds while also wanting superior attributes then this shoe is made specifically for a player just like you. They have a reinforced heel and toe which have fusion no-sew film. The AND1 Mens Fantom Basketball Shoe is exactly this which will give you incredibly durability and support regarding zones of performance that are high wear. Your feet won’t overheat because they have breathability thanks to the laser-cut vents. The hexagonal lace look is located just above the flex zone. This is what make sure your feet are comfortable and the fit is always secure. The AND1 Mens Fantom Basketball Shoe doesn’t compromise performance or stability while the EA midsole does the job of reducing weight.  AND1 was canvassing gyms, playgrounds, and streets around the globe in the early 1990s. They have a team that has every resource necessary to revolutionize basketball culture. AND1 is bringing forward the future of basketball products.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Basketball Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam

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The adidas Performance Basketball Shoe has a rubber sole. On the side of this sneaker is the 3-Stripes logo and the high-top basketball shoe also has perforations which serve to provide ventilation so that your feet don’t overheat. It has air mesh rear quarter, collar, and tongue. Lightweight cushioning is due to the midsole and sockliner being made out of CLOUDFOAM. The outsole of the adidas Performance Men’s Basketball Shoe is grippy ribber. The Cloudfoam midsole features a footbed that is made out of memory foam. The cloudfoam ensure you always have a ride that is comfortable yet soft.

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Under Armour Men’s Ua Clutchfit Drive Ii

Under Armour Men Ua Clutchfit Drive

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If you are looking for cheap basketball shoes for men this is a good pair to look at. The outsole of this shoe is a multi-directional herringbone. Due to this you can enjoy superior control and feel whenever you are out on the court. The midsole is charged cushioning is made to absorb impact. It also converts the impact into quickness that is responsive. Your foot will stay locked in place with the molded full-length Micro G sockliner. It also adds significant cushion. The molded 3D tongue is made to form around your ankle and foot. This is what gives you a fit which is enhanced. The shoes also have updated U A Clutfit technology. This technology works by wrapping your foot with a second lightweight skin, and this skin gives you a fantastic feel as well as amazing support. The sole is rubber.

Cheap Basketball Shoes For Women

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Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Women's UA Jet Basketball

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Medial and lateral stability are possible with the lightweight synthetic and leather overlays. The collar foam is soft and gives the ankle support as well as comfort. The EVA sockliner is full-length and molded. The midsole of these Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Basketball Shoes is full-length EA foam which is compression molded. This ensures support and cushion. The rubber outsole is one-piece, full-length, and it as traction which is in a multi-directional pattern. This gives you linear and lateral movement which is sure-footed. These Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Basketball Shoes are synthetic and very affordable. The weight of these shoes is 9.9 ounces.

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Nike Women’s Son Of Force MId Basketball shoes Black

Nike Women's Son Of Force MId Basketball shoes

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These shoes are made out of leather. There are a few reviews about these shoes and most of them are pretty positive. These Nike Women’s Son Of Force MId Basketball shoes are available in black color.

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Adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Basketball Sneaker

adidas NEO Women's Basketball Shoes review

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Enjoy leather 3-Stripes that are shiny patent with these women’s sneakers. This adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Basketball Sneaker is imported and they have a rubber sole. They are leather/textile leather/synthetic. The shoes have a textile lining which is very comfortable and a rubber outsole that is basketball-inspired. The upper is made out of full gain leather and the collar has a fashionable leopard-print design. The shaft is about 4.5” from the arch. These shoes are inspired by genuine basketball shoes and they have details that are shiny metallic. Ultimately the adidas NEO Women’s Bbadidas Performance Raleigh Basketball Sneaker is quite fashionable but it is also comfortable and supportive. These cheap basketball shoes for women make a great choice.

Cheap BasketBall Shoes Buyer’s Guide  – Things to Consider

Basketball shoes are something that you will actually be able to get quite a bit of use out of. Some people wear them mainly for the look, but many choose them for their practical application. Basketball shoes are certainly the best way to play the sport, but aside from that, many have a modern look that is stylish and fashionable for both men and women. If that were not enough, basketball shoes are quite comfortable and can suit other purposes too. They are good for generally active people who move around or walk a lot. Regardless of your particular reasons for wanting to buy a pair of basketball shoes, there are a few things to consider when picking them out. You will want to get some which are comfortable and functionable. Both of these aspects require that you look at aspects like durability, outsole, materials, and fit. The style is another thing to think about just when it to overall look and attractiveness, which is up to personal preference. Price is another thing to consider. We have all of these matters thought out to guide you into getting the truly best cheap basketball shoes.


If you don’t have a comfortable pair of shoes which fit you right, there is no point in even having them. Most people have experienced the agony of ending up with shoes which just don’t fit right. Whether they are too big, too small, too narrow, or some other problem. This is an uncomfortable issue which will either lead to you leaving your shoes in the closet and never wearing them, or else suffering considerable whenever you do wear them. If this is the case, it is only a matter of how much suffering you can handle. Think about the size of shoe that you need and be careful. This is especially tricky when ordering online since you can’t try them on beforehand, but many people do it, so just proceed with caution.


Regardless of what you are buying it is always wise to check out the materials that the product is made out of. This, of course, will vary depending on what the product is. The materials will have a lot of impact on the value of the shoes. They will determine how long the shoes last and how durable they are. This is important to look out for, especially specific materials for different parts of the shoe such as the outsole and insole. A cheaply made shoe may be good for appearances but when it comes to practical performance or genuine comfort it is important to get the right kind of materials in the right parts of the shoe.


The outsole is the outermost layer of the sole of a basketball shoe or any shoe for that matter. When looking at a basketball shoe it should say in the description what the outsole is made out of. Obviously this an important part of the shoe especially an athletic shoe. Without a good, well-made outsole you may not have the traction which is required to play basketball. Any functional, quality basketball will have a decent outsole, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure. When looking at the product description just pay attention to what it says about the outsole.


Ultimately style is a matter of personal opinion and choice. Not everyone will care about how a basketball shoe looks, many times people get them only for their functionality and purpose. There is nothing particularly wrong with that. On the other hand, you can get a fashionable, stylish shoe that is high quality and will function great on the court—with basketball shoes you don’t have to choose one or the other. Many times the style will be fairly individualized depending on the brand. A lot of personal styles comes down to brand loyalty as well. A lot of people who get basketball shoes want them to look good too, which is why much emphasis is put on the particular outward design of a shoe. Pick a shoe that appeals to your own sense of style and whatever you like.


If you are going to be using the shoe for practical purposes durability is of the highest degree of importance. Getting a basketball shoe that you are going to be wearing on the court means the shoes will be subjected to some harsh conditions. They will have to be able to withstand jumping, running, and aggressive foot-movements that could tear up a cheaply made shoe. If you get a shoe that isn’t durable this could definitely affect your performance on the court and in some cases, it may even prove to be somewhat dangerous. Most basketball shoes are made to be durable, if they are indeed true basketball shoes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every basketball shoe is made the same, however. Some are going to be more durable than others. To determine how durable a particular shoe is, simply look into the materials it is made out of. Good, strong materials will equal greater durability.


The price range is affected by the size, so the same shoe may be significantly cheaper in one size than another. If you are looking to get a genuine basketball shoe you are likely to end up spending a little bit of money, but this is true of any sports or athletic shoe that is of decent quality. Hiking shoes and other types of shoes will also be more expensive than your ordinary sneaker because they are made to be much more durable and better quality. Athletic shoes must be able to endure a lot of movement which means they need to be designed well with good quality materials. The bright side is that, generally when you invest in a more expensive athletic shoe, it will last quite a while and serve its purpose well.


If you play basketball then basketball shoes are a must-have. Whether or not you just play sometimes casually or you are on a basketball team, having the right kind of shoe will improve your game performance and help prevent you from tripping or mistepping—at least compared with other shoes that are not designed as well. Having some type of sport that you enjoy doing and work towards is healthy, fun, and even has certain educational principles such as teamwork and leadership. Basketball is just like any other sport in that it helps you to strengthen your entire body. It’s good for your heart and almost every other aspect of your body. It can even strengthen your immune system. In general, it makes you healthier and this alone is a good enough reason to play.

The majority of people who play basketball also enjoy it for the mere fact of how enjoyable it is to play, and how much fun it can be. Basketball can help to teach you discipline and help you learn how to work well with other people. Whatever your reasons are for playing basketball, they don’t particularly matter. Regardless of any of that, you need to have a good shoe that will keep you on your game and give you the edge you need to play at your very best.

Even if you don’t necessarily play basketball you may still be interested in buying a cheap basket ball shoes pair. This is perfectly acceptable too. Basketball shoes are quite popular for their unique style which is very appealing and modern. They are bound to look good if you get a fashionable pair from a big brand. Most basketball shoes are also quite comfortable so no matter where you wear them to—to work, school, or just around the neighborhood, your feet will at ease. They are also practical, so if you spend a lot of the time on your feet for any reason whatsoever, basketball shoes could be great to have anyway.

Whatever your personal reasons are for wanting to get a pair of basketball shoes, whether it’s to wear on the court or just to look good, it’s important to find the right pair which will suit your needs. These budget basketball reviews will help you to navigate your way through all of the choices which are available out there. Finding the right shoe isn’t easy when there are so many aspects to think about and so many cheap basketball shoes to pick from, but we are here to help.


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