Best Cruiser Bikes For Men And Women – 2017 Reviews

The bicycle has been used as a form of transportation all over the world since the 1800’s when it was first invented. Since then, the bicycle has evolved into a much more diverse mode of transportation. It can be used for pleasure, exercise, commuting and utility transportation depending on how it is constructed.

Cruiser Bike

This article is going to focus strictly of bikes designed for pleasure riding, commonly referred to as cruiser bikes. These bikes are usually found in areas that are meant for pleasure activities such as the beach, residential communities and parks. Cruiser bikes are made in models designed both for men and for women with features tailored specifically for each one.

We prepared this article to provide the reader with 10 of top cruiser bike reviews in order to help them make an informed decision on what bike that is best for them.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Man Cycle

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This cruiser bike features a sturdy, all-steel frame and oversized all aluminum front and rear wheels. The unique design of the bike makes it perfect for the slow, casual riding that you will commonly find at the beach or in the park. The single speed operation means that there is no complicated gear switching.

The Urban Man Beach Cruiser just screams relaxation with its oversized curved steel frame, wide upturned handlebars and wide comfortable seat. The single speed gearing makes easy to obtain speeds of 3-15 miles per hour depending on the rider’s activity level. It was designed with an easy to use coaster brake system that doesn’t use hand brakes on either of the wheels. The seat features two springs to improve the comfort and this combined with the wide white tires help to absorb the shock.

The Urban Man Beach Cruiser was designed for the guy who likes to ride their bike for pleasure. All of the features built into the bike makes it perfect for the beach or the park that has paved trails for riding on.

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Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero Women's 26-Inch Cycle

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This woman’s Beach Cruiser Bike is designed especially for the woman who wants to take leisurely rides at the beach or their local park. It features a very sturdy frame, upturned handlebars and extremely comfortable seat. The oversized wheels and tires helps to add extra stability and comfort as they help to absorb a lot of the excess shock from uneven pavement and bumps.

The curved, all tubular steel frame features the dropped upper bar configuration that is found on all bikes designed for a woman. The wide, upturned handlebars helps to keep the rider in a more comfortable, upright position. The large extra padded seat also features dual springs underneath to add an extra level of comfort for those longer rides. The large, 26” wheels and tires helps to add to the extra comfort of the ride by absorbing as much of the shock from the bike path.

This woman’s beach cruiser bike is perfectly suited for average size woman is looking for a bike to ride around the retirement community or for beach and park setting. It was designed to ridden by any woman 5’ 2” to 6’ 2” tall without causing any problems.

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed – Women’s 24″ Beach Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Lady Cruiser Cycle

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The Urban Lady Beach Cruiser features a large curved tubular frame, oversized wheels/tires and wide upturned handlebars. Everything about the bike says comfort including the large padded seat that. The handlebars have rubber handgrips for added comfort on the hands for the long rides. The single speed gearing eliminates the worry of changing gears depending on the path you are riding on.

The frame features a unique curved tubular design with a dropped upper bar configuration typically found on a lady’s bike. The frame is made of all steel for added strength and durability and the 24” wheels and aluminum and the tires are oversized which helps to improve the comfort of the ride by absorbing the shock from the riding path. The inclusion of a coaster brake system eliminates the cables hanging off the bike that comes with having front and rear hand brakes.

The 24” Urban Women’s beach cruiser bike would be a best choice for the more petite woman to be able to ride at the beach or around the neighborhood park. The smaller frame and 24” wheels and tires makes it a perfect fits for women who are 4’ to 5’ 2” tall.

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Sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero Men's Cruiser Bicycle

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The oversized barrel design of the frame gives this beach cruiser from Sixthreezero the added strength a guy needs in a bike built for cruising. Everything on this bike was definitely designed with comfort in mind from the over padded seat to the very wide and upturned handlebars. The bike also doesn’t have any of the annoying cables hanging off of it that can get caught on things.

The first thing you will likely notice on this bike is the substantial size and construction of the frame of the the Barrel Beach Cruiser, it features a much thicker upper bar. The frame is made with high strength tubular steel for extra stability for the long rides at the beach. The handlebars are designed in the upturned fashion so that you will be in a more upright and relaxed position while riding on it. The oversized 26” aluminum rims and tires were chosen to help absorb the shock from path you are riding on. The single speed gearing and simple to operate coaster brake systems means there will be very little maintenance on this bike. Sixthreezero thought it would be cool to blackout everything on the exterior of the bike, even the spokes of the front and rear wheels are all black.

This beach cruiser bike is the perfect choice for the guy who wants to ride in style next time they go to beach. The all black look will surely turn some heads from the people as you ride past them.

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Margaritaville Men’s 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

Margaritaville Mens Bike

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The Men’s Coast is Clear is the best beach cruiser bike on the market today. It brings the versatility of the 7-speed gearing and all the comforts of the traditional beach cruiser bike. The feel of the substantial frame and large wheels and tires give it that big cruiser feel as you ride up and down the beach or in your favorite park. The high-rising straight handlebars and twist-operated shifting add to the comfort of this cruiser.

The Coast is Clear really is a mans bike with its very substantial, all-steel frame with oversized curved upper bar gives it all of the needed strength and support. The large matching front and rear wheels and tires are also substantial in size and they help to absorb all of the shock from any uneven pavement or hard packed riding trails. The handlebars are designed in an upright, high rising configuration for added comfort and are fitted with dual Shimano twist shifters and brake levers. The 7-speed gearing features a high quality Shimano derailleur system for the smoothest shifting. The front and rear braking system includes side-pull alloy brakes. The seat is well padded and features two springs for added comfort.

The Coast is Clear Men’s Beach Cruiser from Margaritaville is the perfect cruiser bike for the man who is looking for a little extra speed and power for climbing the expected hills that can be found in today’s parks and beaches.

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Critical Cycles Chatham – Beach Cruiser 26-Inch, 7-Speed (Men’s)

Critical Cycles Chatham 7

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A beach cruiser bike is one that was designed with casual riding with an eye for comfort. The Chatham-7 from Critical Cycles has that in spades. The sturdy, oversized frame and upright handlebars put you in the perfect position for a leisurely ride along the beach or at the local park. Critical Cycles added a couple other features like a 7-speed great training and front and rear brakes for extra capabilities.

The Chatham-7 features an ultra sturdy from constructed from high strength tubular steel with an oversize curved upper bar. The uniquely shaped handlebars are upturned to help position the rider so that they are more upright and comfortable. The 7-speed drivetrain include a Shimano Tourney Derailleur system and a Revoshift gear shifter and front and rear brake levers with soft foam handgrips for extra comfort. The 26” wheels and tires help to deliver a smooth, less rough ride as they are able to absorb more the shock from the pavement or hard packed path. The over-padded seat is extremely comfortable with two springs added for additional comfort.

The Chatham-7 7-speed Beach Cruiser bike is the perfect choice for the man who wants to be able to ride comfortably no matter what they come up again on the road. The 7-speeds really makes that possible without having to put out too much effort.

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Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch

Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser

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The Oakwood Men’s Cruiser is designed especially for the casual rider who is looking for the leisurely ride along beach or local park trail. This cruiser bike features an oversized tubular bar design with an upturned handlebars to help keep the rider in an upright position for better comfort. Whether you are out for a casual ride around the block or needing to get somewhere in hurry, the 7-speed drivetrain will get you there with not much extra effort.

The Oakwood Men’s Beach Cruiser is one of the more unique bikes on the list in that it features an all aluminum frame. It is configured with an oversized upper bar which curves upward toward the handlebars. Mounted on the handlebars is the front and rear brake levers and a twist action gear shifter. The drivetrain includes a 7-speed gearing system which includes a high quality Shimano Derailleur mechanism. No more worry about getting your pants and shoe laces accidentally caught in the chain thanks to the full chain guard that wraps around the main sprocket and chain all the way back to the rear hub. Kent tops off the comfort by adding an over padded seat with  two springs inside to give some extra comfort.

The Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike is well worth the money and would be the best bike for most any man looking for their first bike or just one that they can use especially for casual riding around town.

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Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies 26-In Deluxe Cruiser Bicycle

Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies Cruiser Bicycle

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Huffy is one of the most well-recognized names in bicycle manufacturing in the United States. The Huffy created the ultimate ladies cruiser bike with an extremely sturdy frame, forks and crank all made from the highest quality materials. The designers put the handlebars in an upright position so that the rider remains in a more natural position. The built in the storage rack off the back of the seat post and basket mounted in front of the handlebars and both are color matched to the coral of the rest of the bike.

This Ladies Deluxe Cruiser Bike features an all tubular steel frame with the traditional drop bar design signifying that it is a women’s bicycle. For added strength and stability the crank, forks and handlebars are all made from the same heavy duty steel. The single gear and coaster brake mechanisms eliminate the need for the mess cables associated with the gear shifter or front and rear caliper brakes. The oversized 26” rims and tires help to absorb as much of the shock and the extra padding of the seat adds more comfort for the rider.

The Huffy Deluxe Ladies Cruiser Bike is another fine example of the high quality bicycles that have been built by Huffy for more than half a century. If you are looking for a bike for yourself or the women in your life, this is a great option.

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Critical Cycles Chatham Men’s Beach Cruiser 26″ Single-Speed

Critical Cycles Chatham Men's 26

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The Chatham 26” Men’s Beach Cruiser is another fine example of the class of casual bicycles that are designed especially for use on beaches and parks all over the world. The frame features a sturdy tubular design with an oversized curved top bar for added stability. The single speed gearing is perfect for casual riding along with upturned handlebars which puts the rider is most comfortable position.

The Chatham Beach Cruiser is designed with strength and comfort in mind with the oversized wheels, wide tires and over padded seat with two springs that are all designed to help absorb all of the shock caused by the pavement or hard packed dirt trail. The hub of the rear wheel holds the single gear and the coaster brake combined which eliminates the need for the tangle of cables that are used for the gear shifter and brake levers usually attached to the handlebars.

This is another great example of the many beach cruiser bikes for men available on the bicycle market. The Chatham from Critical Cycles has all of the things needed in a beach cruiser at a reasonable price.

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Huffy Bicycle Company Men’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike, 26″/Large

Huffy Bicycle Company Men's Deluxe Bike

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The Huffy Deluxe Cruiser Bike was designed to be used for casual riding like at the beach or local park. The bike is made from only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship from a company that has been building bicycles for more than half a century. The single speed drivetrain is perfectly suited for this type of bike and it is capable of reaching speeds up 15 miles per hour without a whole of extra effort. The upturned handlebars helps to keep the rider in a more upright position which easily puts the rider in a much more comfortable position.

The all steel frame with its larger and curved top bar helps to give the bike and exceptional amount of stability. The foam grips attached to the ends of the handlebars helps to make the longer riders much more comfortable. Without the hand actuated brake levers and gear shifter there is not any worry about a mess of the cables that are associated with the brakes and the gear shifter.

Huffy is one of the best known makers of bicycles in America and Men’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike is a great example of their manufacturing prowess. The addition of the built in rack just behind the seat and basket mounted in front of the handles gives a lot of versatility to the bike.

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